Women's Defense / Boaz Aviram

It is not enough to teach women how to prevent someone from killing them or raping them on the ground, or just how to use their elbows assuming that the attacker will be close. 

When you have a seminar, the bottom line is how much time you have to teach.

Obviously when you only have few hours, you have a judgment call, and you should do your best, but let them know that they will have gaps, and whatever you taught them will not cover all the scenarios.

So I think that women also should learn everything that is essential. Now when I teach kicks, I teach the basic front and side. The rest of the kicks should be taught only for those that are planning to master Krav Maga or want to be instructors.

The reason why you need the rest of them is just because everyone else is doing them. Someone thought about how to kick from all angles of approach and developed all the kicks.

However, to reach maximum distance you should kick to the center of the body, otherwise you would have to move closer to the opponent and lose the advantage of kicking.  As for the argument that legs are stronger than hands, I think it is more important to understand that hands are faster than legs from close distance, so when you are closer you can use your hands to reach pressure points to the head.

If you read my book it has enough detail of how you get the knockout power in each kicking or punching technique, and if you watch my videos you get a better understanding of it.

Some of the habits of sports karate like TKD will develop habits that are not the best choice if applied in reality, since on the mat you have different rules than reality and their purpose is to play by rules and get points on the mat. But in the real environment your objective is to stay alive at your opponent's expense.

I think the psychology aspect of self defense is only a small part in the theory. You also need to know the theory of the techniques and the theory of basically anything else. The more you know, the better you trust what you do.

The psychology part is more of a tactical approach where you learn all the dangers, and response to them, and learn that you will have fear but you need to react correctly and most important within the time constraint.

While the attacker will be more confident since he had the time to plan and be a step ahead of the game, you should analyze your environment to avoid dangerous situations constantly.

In addition you should learn how to react at each environment timely by avoiding getting yourself into more danger, or by identifying the intentions of your opponents according to their actions and therefore surprise them and be ahead of them during the confrontation.

At this point your opponents' confidence will have more fear than yours. Since we cannot read our opponents' minds, and since responding to an attack is too late, we respond to capabilities.

That means that if someone is standing two steps away from us, he could kick us before he could punch us or grab us in a choke hold.

Therefore we should not assume that since it is a woman the man will not kick her first but try to grab her. Although, in most cases that might be the case, there is no reason to skip that training step in the chain of defense.

So if the opponent is moving in an alarming speed, you execute a defense vs. kick and counter attack.

If he was moving slow you did not respond to a dangerous attack, since his speed was too slow, but now he is close, and you see his hand moving fast to hit you so you respond with defense vs. hand strike, but what if he got closer to you slowly, and now got you in a quick choke hold, then you need to get out of it and counter attack.

So basically you need to learn how the human body with two hands and two legs can be used as a weapon in the best way, and then devise the best defenses against it.

It would help you with your defenses that are tested vs. the best trained and skilled attackers and with your counter attack to end the fight quickly and increase your survival chances.

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