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Best Krav Maga DVDs

By: Houlihan Macaco
Break Studios Contributing Writer

The best Krav Maga DVDs provide all the basic skills you need to know to thwart a physical attack.

It also helps if you are easily able to follow along with the instructor.

"Pure Krav Maga: Self Defense Mastery." Rewire your whole brain so that your body understands all the complex possibilities within a street fight and responds decisively.

Boaz Aviram is a Krav Maga pioneer who walks you through the essential first steps of your training process.

The first of seven DVDs provides the preliminary drills and warm ups you need to build a solid foundation for your Krav Maga practice.

The remaining six DVDs cover all the skills you will find in any good Krav Maga DVD program, including knife and gun attacks.

The excellent preliminary training and thorough instruction in the basics of Krav Maga make this one of the very best Krav Maga DVD training courses of all time.
Posted on: Feb. 02, 2011

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