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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Self Defense Training Video for Women in the Market!!!!!May 27, 2012
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
I've realized I always felt the need to learn self-defense but after taking several yeas of Martial Arts in my youth, I did not make the connection between Martial Arts and Self defense.

Since I have recently felt threatened on a few occasions I have decided to research self defense for women and came across the book "Krav Maga-Use of the Human Body as a Weapon; philosophy and application of Hand-TO-Hand fighting training system." I have read the book and I was surprisingly pleased.

It all came clear to me; I saw a complete rational path of why this training method will be beneficial for me, why it works, and what doesn't work in compassion to other training systems.

I therefore proceeded and purchased the seven DVD set, "PURE KRAV MAGA-Self Defense Mastery," and after spending a few weeks with some of my female friends and daughter practicing hand strikes, kicks, knife attacks and club attacks on training mitts that we have purchased we moved on to practice defenses versus hand strikes, various kicks and release from holds and chokes and knife threat defenses.

Following to that, I have purchased a "BB" pistol and we have tested the speed of our defenses against pistol threat by instructing each other to shoot immediately at burst of C02 at each other and feeling a puff of pressurized air in our forehead, abdomen, ribs and backs at times that we did not execute the defensive technique fast enough.

We therefore gained the confidence that these techniques and principles work and we would not hesitate to use them if we were threatened. I found the video to boost up my confidence by teaching us to slowly increase the level of danger as we come accustomed to control it.

I highly recommend these training videos to any woman who is seeking a thorough knowledge and understanding of effective self defense training against any potential threat.

I wish my previous martial arts instructor would have had been presented with an opportunity to train with these videos I would have saved myself from a previous compromising situation had I been introduce to pure Krav Maga.

By the way, in my research, I have found that not all sources are reliable since it appears that half of the world adopted the use of the name, "KRAV MAGA" without any technical training or what the name entails.

The instructor, Boaz Aviram, presents the material in a comprehensible, thorough manner which was easily adapted to implement and master the techniques and principles of Krav Maga.

Without the principles, in reality, the techniques would not work! This means that one cannot visually look at a technique mimic it and execute it successfully during a real threat, without completely mastering the thought process behind it of to think, when to move, how to move, and when not to move. .

The seven DVD set was well worth the time and investment. Although I have completed all of the drills in the seven and half hour DVD disks, I regularly revisit the training DVD's to ensure I am in complete mastery in all techniques.

This is not a quick few hour seminar but a thorough learning experience that requires attention to important details through the learning process.

I would like meet Master Aviram in person and perhaps take some private instructional Krav Maga training.

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