DVD is by far the way to go... Packed with knowledge!

5.0 out of 5 stars DVD is by far the way to go... Packed with knowledge!April 19, 2012
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
Lets start out with saying this: I am an Executive Protection Officer and have SWAT and FBI training. More or less, Hand to hand combat is my profession.

I've never been a fan of DVD instructional videos, because I feel that a hands on approach is necessary in order to learn and gain the experience/instruction that you need... But I can honestly say that this DVD is above and beyond the crowd.

I have had the opportunity to train with Mr. Aviram in person and can now vouch for the fact that these videos cover the same concepts PLUS MORE. It's also way more convenient and WAY less expensive than one on one in person studio training.

Best part is, is that you are getting the same exact instruction! I travel A LOT... So having this flexibility allows me to study his teachings while on the road in hotels. It's awesome! I only wish that he had released this DVD set before I had spent so much $ on in person training, lol!

Although it was worth every single dime... Seriously though, this is the route to go. Much easier than reading a book, that's for sure! He is not a thug or some steroid MMA guy... He is a normal citizen, who clearly has the expertise and training to whoop some serious ass. Plus, the history behind this guy is fascinating!

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