Lesson Plans Objectives/Boaz Aviram

The Pure Krav Maga Curriculum is used to teach Principles to facilitate: Hands on ability of students to respond to any Self - Defense and Hand to Hand Fighting and prevail. 

While a list of techniques is presented, it is not just the application of these techniques that will enable students to react promptly, but instead the installation of the approach to solve any problem in a prescribed order of using prioritization and judgment through the in depth familiarity of the dangers that another human being can impose.

Below is the list of the Curriculum:


Below are example of the lesson plans objectives enabling the mastery of Hand to Hand Fighting Principles and at the same time setting up the appropriate structure that triggers an appropriate response to a hostile scenario or a threat.

During the Introduction students learn the key historical events and key logical indicators for the differentiation and advantage of Krav -Maga for Self Defense.

During the Danger Analysis session, students learn to judge the tactical implications of being in a hostile scenario and how to avoid a more threatening scenarios by timely response to it by realization that one should react properly now, or may never have a chance again.

During the session of Reaction time, students will understand and learn how to apply the principles of choosing the right timing for action which facilitates control of any possible threat.

During the session of Hand Strikes, students will learn to maximize their force of striking and produce non projected efficient attacks that could knock out their opponent in a single strike and yet teach them how to move on to the next attack if they missed the first.

During the sessions of learning defenses, students will learn to apply efficient response for kicks and hand strikes that will work all the times.

During the session of learning escapes and grappling methods and other kicks, students will learn how to use any possible way of attack or restraining attempt and how to escape them and counter attack. In addition students will get accustomed to the threats that are posed by an attacker that is accustomed in these attack methods and practice how to counter them and control their opponents.

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