In spirit Pure Krav Maga is very close to Bruce Lee Jeet Kun Do/by Jc Guillou (singapore)

5.0 out of 5 stars The real dealDecember 10, 2011
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
The DVD set gives 7.5 hours of instruction.
The quality of video is not very professional but that's what I liked. Mr Aviram demonstrates techniques with a student we can associate with because she is not really good... she makes mistake and he corrects her.

Most other DVD show techniques that are done by the students but they can not explain every step or sometimes I get stuck because I can't perform it well. But with Boaz DVDs, the student make most of the mistakes anyone would do. So it is easier to learn from it.

I like the flow, it makes it easy to follow.
The techniques are first class. You can't possible include everything in 7.5 hours and master all the techniques. But this shows the essence of Krav Maga. The book is a nice addition to the training.

I find I come back every so often to the video to review some techniques and perfect them.

I am an instructor in other Krav Maga style and black belt in Flying Eagle Hapkido. In spirit Pure Krav Maga is very close to Bruce Lee Jeet Kun Do. It goes the simple way, and emphasize on distance and timing.

Anyone can watch and enjoy this video (from a profesional to a beginner) and learn something. I highly recommend it for anybody who want to learn what REAL Krav Maga is or who want to improve. Check the book too is worth buying.

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