The most Efficient Self Defense Training System / Boaz Aviram

I think the task in the creating of Krav Maga was to consider all the past options of training methods and applications and look for the most efficient approach to train an average soldier male or female intensively in matter of days how to defend themselves.

The curriculum was intended to be applied to their existing bodies, instinctively with minimum training and easy to perceive and memorize quickly.

Since the options of the Human Body are very complex Principles had to be sorted out to create a uniformed segments of perception that could be applied interchangeably to one technique or another to ease up remembering and understanding process.

The idea was to teach the most efficient techniques that were successful whether in combat or sports with H2H most efficient applications of how to kill first.

While in almost any system if you train long enough you might come across many opportunities, a uniformed system of teaching a set of comprehensive principles through few techniques, drilling in sufficient amount of repetitions applying them in motion without limit to the imagination, empirically yields better results.

But only with learning how to control the stopping power of Punches Kicks and learning to control the pain infliction in submission give the instructor a way of controlling his end product - able students at the end of the short period of training.

So the end product is not geared to a fight limited to rules and endless endurance, but instead limited to the capacity of the brain to react in a short amount of time to the most effective and efficient attacks.

Of course you may not get a knockout strike on the first punch or a KO kick on the first kick, and you may not pay attention and succeed in blocking them, then you might get caught in a grappling scenario maybe without years of training, but you might have a chance by going to try and rip out your opponent's skin eyes, throat and groin while he is trying an armbar.

Of course every person according to his brain body and amount of training in any system would react and have different ability, but I think from answering the problem of teaching people to defend themselves quickly and equally and having a good quality control,
The Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga originated by Imrich Lichtenfeld and Further developed by Eli Avikzar, is still more efficient system of all when it comes to Self Defense.

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