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By hapkido Feb 14, 2010
After so many years, and so many Krav Maga books that I have read, this book seem to teach me the most about Krav Maga!  

Mr. Boaz Aviram is the foremost and the best Instructor to explain how to use the human body as a weapon and the application of hand to hand fighting system of Original Krav Maga. 

I would recommend this book to my students and those who wanted to know more about Krav Maga, it's history, philosophy and application. 

Lim Beng Kit Krav Maga Singapore.


root said...
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rikesh said...

Well I bumped into this book by sheer randomness after signing up for KravMaga classes in Singapore(a class hosted by Master Lim - http://www.asiakravmaga.com/). The book was mentioned during one the classes and I got the Kindle version online.

How did I get to know KravMaga? Well, I got introduced to KravMaga via Discovery Channel documentary - Human Weapon - some years back. This book gives a succinct history of martial and art and how KravMaga came about. The first chapter really made sense to me. It is quite interesting to see the points put forward by the author as he himself was an officer in the IDF. Let me list down the points which I picked up:

1) Defend as last resort and survive by whatever means

KravMaga is a self-defense science (an amalgam of different arts put together by its founder and the IDF) and its primary objective is to survive, not to become a hero or a bruce lee or Rambo

This striked a chord to me. In today's civilised world, most of us are working adults whose objectives are to create a better future for ourselves, loved ones and society. The old adage "Pen is more powerful than the sword" is more applicable in this century more than ever. However there will be a point of time, where you will meet a buffoon who threaten that harmony, you will need to take action. KravMaga teaches you: Be Safe, Hit to disarm and run for help - not a hero - your life is more valuable than the cretin who forgot to get civilised.

2) Keep it simple

Instructions are very simple to follow, the pictures follow-through are very clear, even on Kindle Fire. For someone like me who hardly knows martial arts, this is a Dummy Howto. In cases of high stress i.e a maggot shoving a knife towards you, you have to use simple and easy manoeuvres rather a complicated Shaolin tricks. The book does that.

The steps are clear and simple but you will have to make them become muscle memory. I am banking on my
KravMaga classes to get it sealed in me.

[By the way the price on Kindle is really a bargain... ($10 :) as much a MacDonalds)]

3. So may one walk in Peace

This is just what should inspire every one and is the essence of the book and KravMaga. Once only you know that you and your descendants are safe, only then can you excel in peace in all the other aspects of life.

On the flip side, it would great if the book had color pictures and online video repertoire of the punches/ kicks (as those one would see on Youtube) and may be a forum for its author to connect to the readers.

To sum up, it is one of my favorite self defense book I have picked up so far. I would like to finish this review based on 3 of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Know that Strike or direct pressure on pressure points are more efficient than trying to restrain for the purpose of choking gouging or inflicting pain or injury on joints. This should be your goal whether standing or on the ground."

"The advantage of Krav Maga is that it is the most complete efficient self defense training system. Other martial arts whether geared to sports or non sports have components which would not be logical to apply in the context of Hand to Hand Combat. Perhaps most of the people that originally developed those martial arts while at times famous scholars or athletes lacked the cumulative generations' experience of common sense. Perhaps they were reluctant to pass their true experience in order to keep their position"

"The most important contribution this book can make is to the individual's personal security and calm in life that is the basis to excel in any other field - As Immi used to say: "So may one walk in Peace"

I am looking forward to my adventure in KravMaga - so that I and my loved ones may walk in Peace.

Chapeau Monsieur the Writer!