I learned more in the first 50 pages of this book about where the threat will come and what needs to be done than in 4 years of instruction / by Charles Schoonover

5.0 out of 5 stars Essence of Krav Maga, January 24, 2011
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This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)

I have completed 4 years of Krav Maga instruction in California. After purchasing both the DVD series and the book also available, I have been able to better focus on the true self defense combative aspect of Krav Maga, and better develop what I have been introduced to in my other course work. 

The instruction is very clear and very well thought out. It has helped me put together my own personal work program to get the most out of my Krav Maga training. I always wondered why if KM was developed to quickly get military participants ready for combat, why after four years of KM instruction with weekly training, I did not feel trained? 

This dvd course answers the question and more importantly cures the problem. Very professional and most important, very usable in day to day life. A real value for all the material offered, if you really want to learn Krav Maga, you need this dvd series.

Bogeyman61 says:
Mr. Schoonover, I mean no offense to any instructors you may have had during your yrs. of training; However, it would seem that the issue may have been your instructors inability to convey the "life or death" mind set necessary to train at a "combat" level. "If you do not perceive the threat you can not respond to the threat."

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 16, 2011 8:58:49 AM PDTCharles M. Schoonover says:  No offense taken, you are 100% correct. I learned more in the first 50 pages of this book about where the threat will come and what needs to be done than in 4 years of instruction. For the most part it is my true feeling that most of the instructors I have had do not understand either threat awareness or the strategy of distance from attack. I feel the primary interest in the paid instruction I have received to date is to prolong the instruction to bill membership fees. I am concerned that this type of instruction not only is not effective, but gives a false sense of security to the students that earn belts but not understanding. I don't think this intentional by the teachers, but I truly feel it is the end result of the type of instruction they offer. Mr. Aviram's work gets you where you need to be in a hurry. Thanks for your comment, I agree with your perception.
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Ride on says:

I would also add that your instructors are following a teaching pattern that they learned from their trainers. People do what they know. Hopefully, one would change his or her approach to learning/teaching Krav Maga if they could gain efficiency that leads to mastery in a shorter period of time. However, for those who teach a civilianized form of Krav Maga, keeping their students for 4 years or more certainly keeps the money coming in. Learn and perfect the basics and continue to train to mastery.

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Charles M. Schoonover says:
Thank you for your comments, the biggest let down is that what really needs to be taught to make a person safer is not taught. I watch video's of these so called teachers and for the most part there is not a krav maga punch or kick among them. Flat footed instruction with no regard or understanding of distance or how to correctly use the body to maximize your position. I was really better served working on what is important, and I truly feel Boaz Aviram gets to the point. I am thankful he spent so much time and effort putting this training together.

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