Pure Krav Maga Complex and Simple/by Boaz Aviram

Pure Krav Maga is very complex. Think about it. You need to teach your student the experience that other fighting arts or related sports gain in years of training and you need to teach it intensively. 

You need to purify the elements out of life time experiences of other athletes and real life fights and teach it all in a short curriculum of few days to few weeks.

Just a curriculum with a list of techniques is only part of the picture. The techniques created and selected take into account working answers to any potential attack from another human opponent with capabilities to use his two legs and two hands and a handy object to kill or hurt you using Punches, hand strikes, Kicks, using his hands to choke you by restricting oxygen supply to your lungs and brain, or trying to break your neck or your limbs. That handy object could be a blade or a blunt object to stab or strike you.

Also fit into the picture of Hand to Hand fighting is a pistol threat where you have a split second to react to a demand for something from your attacker as well, or a way to handle an attacker that is about to draw a pistol and he is close enough to you so you can stop him from doing so.

A possible attacker may hold an extended object reaching your pressure points at ease with less range of body movement generating more force with less effort. He can still use his free arm and free leg (one has to stay on the ground and serve as a base to stand on or help to propel the other in preparation for a jump (although could be used as a follow up kick or after propulsion into the air to kick).

Your preparation therefore should include working understanding of your opponent's capabilities and you should develop an intuitive awareness to his motion and destruction capabilities and learn to prioritize what is the fastest capability at each moment according to his distance and positioning in perspective you yours.

You need to train how to use your body in the most efficient and devastating way possible to control your opponent that might have the element of surprise. This include biomechanical and physiological factors of your body as well as your opponent’s body, and understanding and being able to use them completely in connection with Hand to Hand Fighting.

Whether self learning or choosing a reputable school, the training program so called “curriculum” should provide sufficient competitive training to bring you intensively to a level where you will prevail in a confrontation using your physical mental and intuitive skills.

The problem with the market is that for generations so called “Self Defense” Schools had few dilemmas, of providing services, maintaining their competitive ability in providing services, and trying to easily get clients and maintain them.

Many instructors believed that physical fitness is a major part of fighting, or at least a great factor in providing for more protection during intense physical training. Many people were seeking the workout element.

While people that sit behind the desk as opposed to people that physically work in construction or at their farms, the Human Body is best performing when its muscles are put to use keeping it healthy. Sports and Performing arts had subjected the human body to its maximum physical and expression capabilities.

Sparring experience should have been accumulated. However, unproductive was the concept of the Dojo Mill. This concept describes the place where you put your time, pay your dues and get your belt still while the generations diminishing so called “secrets” of their masters were still protected and the training provided was geared more toward sweat hard work and fitness and sometimes even sports injuries under the slogan that if you kill your body you perfect your spirit.

So Pure Krav Maga is very complex. The training so called “curriculum” has to deal with many psychological and physical issues and most of all fighting and tactical skills to be taught intensively.

But luckily to the students, since it has to appeal to any level of intelligence and coordination, they are broken down into simple programming steps. Don’t get me wrong. I am using the term intelligence in a very broad term and usually the more the brain deals with problem solving or understanding solutions it becomes more intelligent. Yes, training in Pure Krav Maga makes you more intelligent!

How do you then train your students and teach them all the lessons learned by professional boxers, wrestlers, and various Martial Arts fighters? Like anything else you can approach it in many ways. From the top down, from the bottom up, and from side to side.

However, since one of the elements of Pure Krav Maga is efficiency, you need to do it in the way that provides the most efficient method of training. Pure Krav Maga is a Distilled Training System!

Watch on Youtube how the Israel Defence Force Original Krav Maga Curriculum is taught in 24 hours

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