Pure Krav Maga- Unfiltered, Hype Free, from someone who knows

Pure Krav Maga- Unfiltered, Hype Free, from someone who knows (Boaz),April 11, 2012
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This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
* Disclaimer: I like Boaz Aviram. Knowing that, you can choose to read on or move on.

To address some of the other comments re: the video. Yes the quality is not million dollar, but I pose the question: It is what you stand to learn or how flashy it is, and with what level of pre and post production the content is measured?

If we use You Tube we can all see the great videos with a Hummer draped in camo netting, and the shadow lighting, and so forth, but when that is stripped away, what is the content? I contend that for content, you will not find a better video. You may find some you feel are equal in quality and we all have our own opinions, and maybe Krav Maga practitioners we like, but again, I challenge you to find better content.

This video is 7+ hours of instruction in a fly-on-the-wall style where you watch a now accomplished instructor starting on day one. This is how most of us have been at some point. We ALL make mistakes- stand with the wrong hand or foot forward, and we have ALL had a hand slap to the forehead moment where we are frustrated with our speed of learning and comprehension.

I admit I like the jumping around hybrid Krav Maga on You Tube...it is entertaining, but is it Krav Maga? This is KRAV MAGA. If you use Google and You Tube you can find great examples of flash with no substance.

Take 5 min and search for sites that track down the claims of other Masters, super instructor, Combat, Commando, taught Batman and Superman how to fight, wrote the book with Imi himself.... and see who has the credentials. If you find it not to be Boaz, no harm no foul and we agree to disagree. I think you will find the true real article in Boaz and "the water is most pure closest to the source".

If you prefer another school of thought: More power to you, I think we should all make a free choice and I am not here to change any minds.

I train in Krav Maga with a Worldwide school and love the boxing and conditioning I get in my 1 hour class. The 15-30 minutes of a Krav Maga technique is what I am looking for, but the fitness is great. Pure Krav Maga is just that, Pure.

This is not a "join for a year"... "School shirt shows respect... and they are in the pro shop $".... "you should move up to the next level and that class cost X$ extra"... Krav Maga can sometime be strip mall dojo and heck we all have to make a living, so I don't hold that against anyone, heck I go to one!

With all that said.... This is the Pure, easy to learn, repeatable system, where several attacks can be handled with muscle memory from a basic technique. After all, we forget that this was for a 21 hour course taught to the IDF and not 3 hours a week for years that a McDojo can make it.

*closing disclaimer: I like Boaz, he has been a gentleman in my interaction with him, and I hope to train with him during 2012. So if my view seems tilted...it is.

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