Real Krav Maga/ by C. Fowlkes "Thangmy"

Real Krav Maga/ By C. Fowlkes "Thangmy" (Vietnam) (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
There are many good reviews on this series already posted here on Amazon,by people much better at writing reviews.

My opinion: This DVD series, is a no nonsense instructional set ,no whizzbang menu or rock music here.

Boaz is instructing a student in Krav Maga thorough out the tapes, answering questions etc.

Boaz Aviram the instructor in the video is a Former Head of the IDF Fighting Fitness academy and a diploma holder from the Wingate institute.

His credentials are impeccable and it is unlikely there is anyone in North America with anything like his experience as an instructor.

All people interested in Krav maga should look at this set:

As Boaz mentions in his book "Krav Maga-Use of the human body as a weapon"(a big book with a lot of information) Krav Maga is not MMA or a form of physical exercise,and that is really what Krav has become in the USA.

There are many differences, and some topics such as reactionary gap etc are covered in this series and in the book, in a way that is unique.

Punching, kicking, weapon work is all different than what you would have seen in other Krav Resources.

I have to ask myself "what happened?"

Interesting note: I Have done some considerable Blade and Stick work from various SEASIAN arts- some very good others not so much.

Boaz demonstrates some knife and "club" weapon work that is very practical and not often seen in other places.

When hard contact is made with real sticks and aluminum or wooden knives(or the new shockknife) and the parties training together have seen some reliable information on the real danger of edged weapons and blunt force trauma, they adopt a fighting strategy that is very similar to what Boaz demonstrated here, nothing fancy but effective.

A last note, this is a system that has real application for women,I do not believe MMA is a valuable resource in self-defense for women or MEN!

But this system teaches strategy and techniques that hold up to the reality of a real assault.

A great Quote i have heard and often repeated is "to create solutions you must understand what the problems really are." After watching this dvds and reading the book, you will see what the problems and the solutions are.

This is a great resource for those who are interested in learning Krav Maga.

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