The real Krav Maga DVD / by Erik Mertens

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5.0 out of 5 stars The real Krav Maga DVDMarch 7, 2011
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)

Nowadays there are many DVD's on the market that try to explain Krav Maga to the starting or the more experienced `Kravist'.

Boaz Aviram DVD's are perhaps the only one that really explains the Krav Maga system in all his facets.

This is a really impressive set of DVD's, made by an expert who was there from the beginning.

Boaz Aviram was the third IDF Krav Maga Chief Instructor after Immi and Eli Avikzar.

For once you can see for yourself what in fact IDF Krav Maga is, in contrary to civilian Krav Maga. Not some set of tricks, but a real system.

Just as in his book, Boaz Aviram is very clear and the quality of instruction is second to none.

It's a refreshing thing to see how he instructs and correct his student during this training course.

You still need training, but these DVD's are a good aide to improve yourself.

I highly recommended this DVD set to all serious `Kravists'

Get the Training Manual:
Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!
Note: The DVD set is delivered free shipping in the US through amazon.com however it takes about two weeks to get it. If you need it faster or located internationally, order from createspace.com which will deliver it to your door anywhere in the world within less than a week from the day your order.

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