Reivew on Krav Maga Classes and Training Methods around the world, by Boaz Aviram

In this article I am not going to get into any parameter of what is authentic and what is not but rather about the Intensity of training its completeness and sufficiency of training level provided to students to accomplish self defense proof level.

Although Krav Maga can be intensively mastered in one week of training, regardless of if done intensively or spread over five years of dojo training, or somewhere in between, it has few components that need to be understood.

First, students need to get minimum level of understanding of the whole system and its parts. In the civilian world to get people to do any kind of training as a hobby or exercise, you need to give them a motivating reason unless they already have this reason on their own.

The foundations in Krav Maga is getting a taste of the intricate complex principles and getting a broader view of the whole picture as possible.

Students are taught the mechanics of kicks, strikes, blocks, escapes weapon use and defense all coupled with counter attacks,  pressure points and reaction time.

Second, students need to get working proficiency in the techniques, applications and prioritization. Repeated combinations of basic attacks and defenses whether with striking or grappling or slashing or poking or hitting.  

Training methods should be safe to get your body to feel the hands on escalation of physical scenarios, all their possibilities and the working capacity of the Krav Maga principles in resolving the problems quickly and efficiently.

Intensive training entails paying attention to details and correcting them on the spot to prevent forming bad habits.  The advantage of Krav Maga Training methods is the ability to teach anyone before exposing them to the danger of physical injury. However many Instructors increase the level of classroom type teaching neglecting the physical hands on aspect to the point that training partners are increasing their level of challenge.

Excuses such as not knowing how to do that, or never getting a chance to do it to avoid loosing the crowd of people that just come for an easy workout and socializing cause this phenomena.

It is a joke when people think that Krav Maga is just about how to block or escaping a hold statically. But at the same time it is a joke that someone trains grappling thinking that it is the best way to fight ignoring exposed reach of pressure point for strikes pokes, stabs and shots and thinking it is also good for self defense. 

First you need to do the basics right, and then you need to apply them is safe methods in fighting games.  

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