Breakeven Reaction Timing / by Boaz Aviram

Since humans have the capacity to attempt and strike you from the second they can reach you physically, in order to make yourself self defense proof, you need to react at the moment that they can reach you and not a split second after as it might be too late.

Generally from the long range it is faster to reach someone with a kick and from the short range it is faster to reach someone with a punch since you do not need to shift your weight on one leg and lift the other (your front hand is closer to your opponent anyway) you need to attack in the most efficient manner and at the same time worry only about the most efficient way the attacker can use to reach anyone of your pressure points. 

Taking all this in account tells you that when either you can reach him or he can reach you combined with your suspicion that there is an intention to hurt you (even before he can reach you or he is attempting to reach you in a threatening speed), you need to learn how to react accordingly to prevail in a dangerous scenario. 

You need to block or get out of your way any possible attack your opponent might be able to lunge as you are attacking him at the same time. If you are acting instinctively to a swift motion, you are looking to block and at the same time to counter attack and stop any possible continuous attack of exploding nature. If you see the threat you need to attack in a methodical way that will not leave many options to opponents that are possibly attempting to block you and counter attack.
It is a waste of  time on exchanging blows and kicks from a short distance. Instead you need to rehearse the correct timing of response by executing each move in the exact moment of ability to reach, with the priority of using the limb that is closer to your opponent in a way that least subjecting your vital organs into injury.  That way you have a better chance to injure your your opponent first and diminish his options.

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