Self Defense and The imported culture of Martial Arts/by Boaz Aviram

Knowledge transformed into action for the purpose of business has a monetary value.

Various committees and boards of education sit to define and revise study plans and various curricula in many educational institutions.

Decisions are made politically with a consensus of committees and board members. The outcome can be at times a variety of many components without one whole product itself as it happens in the law making process.

In a modern world where learning aides are used to control immense amounts of vital and essential information from all faculties of life and is distilled for one purpose or another, and increased global access to variety of information, people of all walks can use their simple logic to learn and distinguish truth from false.

Yet many people go with the flow and look for authority figures throughout their lives. This is in the sense of someone that conveys authority and not necessarily is an expert in a particular field.

Instead of taking charge and leading the path of their own lives, they trust many sources to help them achieve their goals.

Years and large amounts of money are expected to invest in various educational interests hoping to become someone one day or learn and hope to cope with something, or learn how to create something, and how to transform ability and knowledge and make a living.

Students enroll into an institution and comply with any requirement and studies that these institution require and once they get their diploma they are out to make a living, pursue a career, or a hobby or just apply the knowledge gained as necessary in their daily use.

In a competitive world wealth is constantly shifting in various channels to various interests that are able to get the funds based on real perception and at times on false perception.

In complex matters, it is not clear and easy to determine if the matter is more than 50 percent false or true.  When it comes to martial arts you have various training systems that have developed in various parts of the world and were more or less popular in some than the others.

Various needs and constraints and political considerations in each location contributed to the final products.

Art is a great part of life. Many people identify with dreams, theater, music, fashion and foreign fashion, food, etc.  It feels great to be inspired by a symbol a sound or become someone else for the day.

Various Martial Arts Imported their culture, fashion, and customs. The average pupil does not have the intellectual skills to fully comprehend them in depth. Cultures and customs therefore were just added instead of integrated.

When you decide to learn Self Defense you need to estimate what kind of skills you are looking for, for what purpose and how the skills you are looking to acquire will save you when needed.  Of course there is a social activity part of Martial Arts training, since over the years they were linked more to the sports and fitness activity.

However, in a modern world if you are looking to learn how to defend yourself, there is no reason you should fall a victim to a school that teaches everything but what you really need to learn.  

The market mix for civilian self defense has for the most part been constructed of  the following components:  Interest, fame, linking to the ability to perform foreign art, fitness, social activity, athletic challenge with a “fighting” activity, and a little bit self defense training.

Of course Martial Arts schools have to make a living, and students have to pay for the training time.  Students learned to shop for the best deal based on a convenient location, low payments, and fun in training, impressing authority figure, or self judgment in the benefits one school has to offer over another, and of course their schedule.

Over time it became a rule of thumb that if you get a black belt you are OK. You are OK for what- Self Esteem and Self Confidence?

But many Black Belts have found that when they tried to use their art in the streets, they were not OK. Many students at high rank Martial Art have shopped for more than one martial art and if they had the time they added more Martial Arts into their repertoire.

If you look at dance for example, it is used for artistic display and depiction of a story or a social attraction to show affection of joy and courtship, or just for sports pleasant exercise and joy of movement.

Since there are many styles of dance, you might jump into a conclusion that there is more than one way to do everything. In fact there are many styles of dance and while each one might incorporate moves from other dances, each style will concentrate on a certain rhythm of music.

However when it comes to Self Defense, you really need to learn solid procedures to avoid getting injured by another individual.

You might be in trouble with an acquaintance or a complete stranger of which you might never have a chance and time to asses their fighting skills. You might have only few critical split seconds where you identify you are in danger and have a split second to react.

The way you react in that split second will determine if you will stay alive or die.  Therefore you need to assume in your training that your potential opponent is the best in every attack method possible. From here you need to build your training methods accordingly.  You need to learn not only what are the possibilities that exist but which one is the most efficient one.

Most efficient meaning the way that takes the least amount of time to execute to ensure you will always be a step ahead of a potential opponent.

With that knowledge you will be able to control their actions preventing them from injuring you even if your only option is to kill your opponent to stop the threat for your life. Therefore addition of more skills instead of integration is not an option.

Martial Artists Instructors and Students at times wonder and inquire whether their method is really the answer for self defense and if their students can shop and find better deals out there, and what kind of a thinking crowds are they looking for as students or instructors.

With basic Logic they can realize whether they are missing a component or two or not. The component could be commercial only like a new cover, a newly designed add, a new advertising campaign, or an essential change in the curricula and training methods to conform to reality.

The reality should be that you are able to teach someone quick how to defend themselves knowing that if you do not teach them they will go elsewhere to learn it and will lose their respect for your school.  However, some instructors concentrate on the commercial aspect attracting a community that can be lead into anything, and some concentrate in the curriculum attracting all walks of students.

Whether which percentage of leaders and followers in the population is greater should not be an issue if you have the integrity to present your being as a teacher of Self Defense.

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