Behind a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System / Boaz Aviram

What is behind the system of Pure Krav Maga? Krav Maga basic and advanced principle is efficiency!

In short Krav Maga translates to efficiency! Krav Maga is dealing with controlling your immediate territory to avoid possible harm.

One of the ancient Biblical ten commandments give you the order advice, that if someone is planning to kill you , you should kill him first. Krav Maga is giving you the Hands on Tools of how to determine that this is the case, and how to make it happen all in a short time frame. From the split second you discovered that you are about to get killed to few seconds after where your attacker is no longer capable of harming you.

The Philosophy of Krav Maga when it comes to a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System is based on the following: A confrontation or a dangerous scenario can occur immediately or through escalation on all possible levels. Attackers could try to approach you, kick, and punch, stab hit, pull choke break slowly or fast.

They can stop after their first attempt or continue. You could die in the first second from a single punch, or in the first 7 seconds from a choke, a knife stab to the heart or a knife slash of the carotid artery.

While one opponent might have the capacity to kill you in one strike or stab, another may chose to or have the ability to escalate his attack until he gets to the kill punch, kick, break of the neck, or cut.

All over our world people have tried to develop fighting training systems. Some were used more for war training and some more for entertainment.

In both methods of training, at times injuries and intentional or non intentional death occurred, whether Egyptian, or Spartan or Western and European boxing, Okinawa or Korean Karate, Chinese Boxing, Japanese Jujitsu, and various training in weapons, and Roman Greco Wrestling.

Almost each country has some sort of traditional fighting training according to the favorite weapons developed in this country. Most of the times the weapons used and the fighting methods could be the extension of handy objects such as agricultural tools and hunting methods and tools. It looks like most methods of defending and killing could have possibly been already explored.

Instead of needing to join every military and clan that ever existed in history, the idea in Krav Maga is to develop your hand to hand fighting skills rather quickly.

Taking a look at all the methods of attack and defense that historically were available, and analyzing them we can extract the principles behind them. We can find the commonalities of approach, techniques executions, and teaching methods that they all have.

If you learn how to drive for example, you learn how to control your car, how to accelerate, how to stop, how to take a curve slowly and then fast, and then how to drive in traffic. Then if you get direction you can drive on a new road you have never driven before.

If you familiarize yourself with the human body, its capabilities, reaction time maximum potential, and then learn what is the most efficient way to reach your opponent's pressure points, and either strike or kick him or grab and choke or break his bones, you get the basics.

Then you need to master how to stop these attacks from reaching you. You need to understand that a strike to a pressure point is always more efficient than grabbing a body part first and manipulating it to reach a pressure point or to slowly choke someone or try to create a leverage on their bones.

At times however you may need to do so, since the most approachable part of your opponent might be his arm that you would need to manipulate (for example if the attacker sits in the back seat of your car and you are in the front seat, or if you attempt to get out of a neck hold).

If you think about the aforementioned, then you think that all you need is to learn how to defend against the most successful attacker, the one that is a good kicker boxer, and grappler so you will have a chance in stopping him at the initial and follow up stages, and if you failed and he was a little bit less than the best, you might have gotten another chance in the closer range. But you must train like there is no second chance.

Of course in training you are not going to hurt your training partner, but instead you need to find a way to control him in a way that will instill realistic fighting habits in your training system.

You can break your training into segments, and you need to work on the combined skills together. If your spend most of your time doing so you will find that your thinking and stance do not resemble any of these segments. It would be modified to include them all and consider them all in every distance and every method. You will find that you need only the principles that work.

The principles should be the common denominators that apply to the whole Training System or to various parts of the training system. But they should never contradict one another, simply because the universe works on some sort of a logical mathematical order. You just have to learn the order that is applicable to hand to hand fighting.

Once you learn how to prioritize, and find the commonalities and differences of various scenarios, you create uniformity and group any similar principles in a way that will maximize the speed of your reaction and thinking.

Once you have a working solid training system, you then need to put your students to the assembly line. In no time you will turn their brains and bodies into a working machine designed to prevail in any Hand to Hand Fighting confrontation with a threatening opponent.

With so much history behind, you cannot afford to lose in battle when you can learn from all the mistakes of the past. Of course you would need a good instructor.

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