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Buy only if you want to be a TRUE expert in Krav MagaFebruary 3, 2011
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
After purchasing Mr. Boaz's book and DVDs, I secretly hoped that no one else buys it. Why? Because it is so very good that I wished I am the only true krav maga practitioner on this planet!!

However, after speaking with him and knowing that he released the book and DVDs as a social gift to society (esp to the krav maga practitioner), I think hoarding this great system to myself is a tad selfish. Why?

1. For the very first time, Krav Maga is presented as a SYSTEM. Techniques is just PART of it. Mr. Boaz doesn't show you how devastating Krav Maga is. If you want to see that, just go to youtube.

2. You are in for a lesson! Yes, you have to be a STUDENT! (That explains why many "masters" does not like what they hear in the DVD) Mr. Boaz teaches warm ups, principles of krav maga (no...not MMA with an eye poke), pressure points, how to punch effectively...etc.

Most KM instructors shows you how to punch. Boaz Aviram shows you how to KNOCK SOMEONE OUT COLD!

The lessons progressed in a very very structured manner, each lesson linking to the one before it. As you go along, you see why the DVDs were presented the way it was.

WARNING: Using the remote and skip to the techniques presented (ok, I was guilty) is detrimental to your learning process. You HAVE TO SIT THROUGH at least once to Mr. Boaz's verbal presentation BEFORE the techniques shown.

3. Questions questions questions!! In most DVDs out there (I have a lot of them), you only see the instructor showboating. How many times do you go.."hey, what if...." The student in the video does this FOR US!! A totally new Krav Maga student but someone who is a high ranking belter in another martial arts asks the questions that well...most of us would ask.

Thankfully, she pays for it when Boaz guides her along albeit quite painfully at times through the techniques.

4. RAW - yes...Boaz teaches his student grappling (or anti grappling) in the DVD on NON-MATTED flooring...enough said!!

5. Outdated? Evolved? Hmmm...I watched and realised that many current "evolved" Krav Maga systems are done by instructors who NEVER went through the official instructor course in the IDF. Certain knife defenses branded as "outdated", are NOT outdated, but simply WRONGLY USED!!

IF you were an IDF Krav Maga instructor, you WOULD HAVE KNOWN that the technique works. I now guess that those "evolved" krav maga instructors had peeped or learnt from a second hand source without knowing the principles involved in a technique.
What is in it for you?
1. You learn the SYSTEM of krav maga (empty hand, guns, knives..) in a COMPLETE way.

2. You don't need to pay a dojo for 3 years and realise you have just spent 3 years learning MMA.

3. You learn from an ACTUAL EX-IDF Chief Instructor of Krav Maga training department (not some wannabe) and an actual commando.

4. You learn techniques as PART OF A SYSTEM rather than bits and pieces given to you in a normal dojo.

5. You learn to combine the techniques and when you practice them continuously, it comes as a natural instinct.

6. You will be able to (if you want to) train in other martial arts and be better at it, since you already know the principles of fighting FIRST rather than someone who will only be finally enlightened at 4th or 5th dan in other arts. (that also explains why many black belts (shodan) leave their art unfulfilled, since they never reached the level they ought to have reached)

What you won't become:
1. You won't be a commando (you can wear the commando gear like those other wannabes in other videos :P)

2. You won't be an MMA champion (not becos you cannot poke the other guy's eyes, it is just different)

3. You won't be Krav Maga trained only by watching, you got to practice.

If you are a serious krav maga practitioner and want to set yourself apart from the "dojo" crowd, you really must get this DVD set. If you don't, well, I won't feel sorry for you because I just stacked the odds in my favour!

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