Pure Krav Maga Skills Assessments / by Boaz Aviram

Many times I have the dilemma of trying to assess students’ capabilities as sufficient enough to defend themselves during a short intensive course of Krav Maga. 

While there are quite a few factors determining the outcome of a confrontation, I always try to prioritize the time spent on the appropriate training method within the constraint of the allotted training sessions.

Sometimes I drill certain aspect high on the priority list and ensure the student is at least aware of the rest.  The criteria I take into account are as follows:
-Timely executed reaction to an un-projected attack.
-Efficient choice of blocks
-Sufficient stopping force of counter attack/or sufficient force of at least stopping attacker’s train of thought and follow up with a second chance continued attack.

We always attempt to find a good training method that would be close as possible to real life which entails the other elements of various environments that cause distraction or change of priorities or even that cause emotional changes.  This however has a limit of another second or two, and if it did not work within that time constraint, it will probably never work.

-Mental Ability (with the help of explanations) to extract and solidify the principles from the selected training drills called techniques: 
These principles include prioritization and efficiency in which during the prioritization process, students learn to prioritize threats and dangers, and react according to it.

The top priority of course is to walk without harm. In a more intricate level prioritization pertains to digesting variety of information projected from a possible opponent’s body such as stance, speed, objects held and positioning of limbs, and of course actions prior to the critical split second. 

Efficiency pertains at this point to efficient use of time to think, to process actions, and efficient motion learned by applying principles of correct sequential executions that promote it.

As we already know but might not be aware of, there is always a conflict between the training methods devised and selected to the real live action in a dangerous confrontation.

Trying to persuade the audience that a Hand to Hand Combat works without having to kill someone in front of a crowd of spectators, or just trying to persuade your instructor of your capabilities to be awarded with a Practitioner or Instructor Certificate is a very controversial subject.

While many Hand to Hand Fighting Training Systems resorted to theatrical execution of various continuous attacks at varying speeds according to the state of the opponent’s sequential injuries during the process we must keep in mind how does this correlate to reality. I like to think of the concept of a chicken at the butcher’s shop. 

The unsuspecting hand fed chicken cannot fight much to have its head chopped off. Then the butcher can take his time and dissect its parts. Some competitions promote fast skills of cooking are great for shows. They display efficiency in doing the job right and might increase the chances of fame and hiring potential.

Now let us not forget the essential end of Hand to Hand Fighting Training Method. To prepare students to increase their survival skills in a confrontation significantly and avoid fatal errors. 

Logically in Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery™ we train in the most efficient and effective and best tactically chosen attack methods, so we can apply the most efficient defensive skills. 

Knowing that a strike to a pressure point delivers a more immediate efficient favorable result than an attempt to restraint an opponent and then inflict more damage, you must respect the facts accordingly. 

Some training system take the approach that a wounded animal can win a fight, and concentrate of how to fight while you are wounded, but neglect the initial principles of avoiding injuries. 

Since some instant immediate injuries caused by humans do not leave any chance to their opponent, Pure Krav Maga is constantly assuming these scenarios in its training system. Animals are driven by need to survive dominate their herds flocks and protect their herd and offspring. 

In training Pure Krav Maga, Humans are programmed to avoid getting into a myriad of scenarios existing in nature and surrounding, and treat them from a different perspective at least during the training process. 

While animal are learning hunting , protective and defensive skills from their ancestors, or are born with it like a venom of a snake and are using their bodies to their best capabilities, Humans are always trying to learn and conclude from the other animal world using their more developed brain. 

They should therefore realize that their standards of expectation should be much higher than learning the mechanical skills of another animal, but rather learn the tactical physical and mental applications and finally best training methods and distill it into principles to competitively better their lives.

During an intensive course, students are overwhelmed with unexpected information and new areas of motion and attention their brains never even thought existed prior to that.

Even that with careful chosen training steps student that demonstrated sufficient execution of techniques in one lesson, might forget how and when to repeat it in follow up lessons.
Carefully selected training steps ensure that at the end of the lesson all students with variety of learning aptitude are able to complete the assigned target of learning stage sufficiently. 

While the average martial art school produces few champions the rest of the students are as they say in the boxing world “Journey Men”.

Even in Pure Krav Maga some students would be better than others due to various learning aptitude, however the training steps and the instructor’s responsibility is to bring each one of them to a sufficient level of proficiency in the subjects learned each lesson and do his best to help them be prepared to save their own lives if needed to.

The overall difference in the outcome of average martial arts school or civilian Krav Maga training with Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery™ training is the attention to Intensive learning program and training steps programming the students minds bodies and souls to get their best use in a Hand to Hand Fighting confrontation during a short period of Intensive Training sessions.

When correct sequential execution of striking and kicking techniques is being mastered, and then during the process of the sequential execution of correct defensive moves execution mastery students have to allot a brain memory power to many details of stored motion sequences, and it could be very overwhelming and confusing learning process.

So during an intensive course, while students can demonstrate at the end of each drill desired results, moving to free style sparring and then to testing of the whole curriculum, in each step and respective training drill, you may feel like there is a need to start the training process all over due to unexpected student demonstration of previously corrected errors. 

You then need to prioritize how to spend the training time of the rest reserve hours of the intensive course. While you might get a nightmare thinking that your students could not really defend themselves in various more complex scenarios but want to ensure they get some skills, you can relax a bit. 

Students were able to demonstrate the execution of the parts of the whole pictures and most of it as a whole picture. Their short term memory is overwhelmed with few thousands of points to remember during a five days of intensive training. They would have the book “Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon” to sort out all the information stored in their brain, and increase the in depth knowledge of the subject and trust in this system. 
The book presents a thorough empirical analysis of Hand to Hand Fighting Training Methods in comparison to True Krav Maga documenting the philosophy behind it, its real history, how to do it and how not to do it. 

In addition, they will have the “Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery” Training DVD’s that will reinforce the correct sequential execution of the drill demonstrated live on a novice student.

From empirical experience students become better few weeks after the course just by running back their memories of the course, rethinking, asking themselves questions and finding answers by themselves and going over the information and the simplified training steps available to them.

Proven experience is that when you teach someone else you learn more because it forces you to understand what you are doing and forces you to check yourself and be certain that you have done a perfect job. This empowers the short five days training time exponentially.

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