Lethal Elements Extracted? / Boaz Aviram

Should the lethal elements be extracted from a Hand to Hand Fighting Training Method taught to Civilians?

What are lethal elements of a training system? Lethal elements of a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System, are to program students brains with a complete picture of reality, break it down to its elements and combine the pieces together.

Students are required to undergo training that makes them realize what kind of dangers they will be subject to in reality, and how fast, and with what methods they will need to neutralize their adversaries.

So basically the lethal elements are mere realistic understanding of what speed and force creates what damage on what body part and in what way it can reduce the quality of life thereafter, or shorten the life span to zero equals to resulting in death.

Do we require teaching lethal element for the teaching of defensive skills? Of course yes! In order to lean how to handle danger we need to subject our student to incremental levels of danger so they learn to trust their skills and overcome the obstacles.

How can one train or learn to overcome greater danger if he is not aware and familiar with all the aspects of it?
Driving is a very complex skill and is very dangerous.  Flying is even more dangerous. Living is dangerous. Small bacteria could slip into your body unsuspected and you could be found dead in the morning.  People get used to handle danger in their living environments.

Crime is relatively low, otherwise people would not be able to live peacefully go to their jobs etc.  Flights are relatively safe, and driving is relatively safe, and society cannot exist today without cars for transportation. Efficiency calls for inventions of methods of transportation. The human mind is very creative…

What is Hand to Hand Fighting Training System? Hand to Hand Fighting Training System, is a systematic programming of mind body and soul to be aware of potential dangers that can be solved with one’s head, arms and legs and to use the most efficient methods of decisions, and actions to resolve immediate danger caused by another human being.   If you take too much time to sort out your decision and course of action, you can count that your opponent could use the time against you prolonging the use of the element of surprise to his advantage.

Training in a Hand to Hand Fighting method has other benefits as well, which could be improved awareness fitness, sharpening of the mind, and response to other dangers of life.

Can these lethal elements be used by students irresponsibly? Can it overall increase the potential of causing more harm to society?

In democratic societies, civilians should be in charge, and elected officials and law enforcement are paid servants of the citizens.

Think of a company with a boss that is not familiar with how his company is run. Citizens have a say electing public officials that are humans like they are hoping they will represent them and promote a fair society.

Should lethal elements be extracted from Hand to Hand Fighting Training Method to Civilians? What do you think?

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sean collins said...

Why would you emasculate such an effective fighting and self defense tool.

Let's leave well enough alone.

Instead, why don't we check everyone who is claiming to be teaching Krav Maga, to ensure that it does NOT lose its lethality.