Where is Pure Krav Maga heading?/by Boaz Aviram

What do Hand to Hand Fighting Instructors are selling? Or what should they sell? I am going to discuss what they should be selling and anyone should figure out by himself what he is getting. 

The first thing that comes to mind is services which include motivation to train in Self Defense and Physical Activity related to combat.
The second thing that comes into mind is that they should be selling software to program their clients' minds and bodies to make them react to potential dangerous scenarios more efficiently, since they would be alone on the scene and will have the sole ability to protect their lives first hand on the scene.

Well if you put efforts you can always try to find a better way. Once you have a solid set of principles and techniques you need to find intensive ways to teach them.  Then you also  need to ensure everything fits together, good quality control, tailoring to various students and constant prioritizing.

I think the fact that I have a book documenting information that was never documented before in a comparative analysis format,  helps to bring the differences of opinions that have always existed in humanity closer.  After all, Some people don’t see certain angles and the more complex the subject is, the more people get confused distracted and unfocused.

Then I have the training videos, and if someone was smart enough he could have figured out the whole system with the combination of both of them after he gained training experience.

Once you learn the components, you need to put them together and then test drive them with your own body and make adjustments, corrections to your mistakes with the advantage that all possible mistakes are already pointed out and documented.

The more you understand it the easier it becomes to trust it and know exactly what to spend your time on.  Fortunately, the original Krav Maga was an intense focused system that had all the right elements in it of a true fighting system. Imrich Lichtenfeld, its founder used to say: “One day, they all(meaning all the other Martial Arts) will come to our road.
Unfortunately, commercialism and the urge of secrecy brought Krav Maga to the same road that other Martial Arts went. It looks like some of the original martial arts did not have a good direction of thought in the mechanics of efficiency, or maybe it was so primitive and so traditional with hierarchy of respect to the superiors that people followed them. 

But warriors always worked hard to succeed and win and did their best. Preparation to the fight, training hard, and arriving at the battle scene. But at the moment of contact it was always a split second that determined who was left alive and who was dead. 

So warriors that lead with their bodies, in the front and not in the back sending their soldiers to the front, must have had a greater subconscious aptitude to learn and master fighting with weapons and face to face combat. 

Krav Maga took it one step forward by looking at it from a whole picture perspective breaking it down to its components and finding the rationale to what works and what is just attached to what’s working and is really unrelated to success. 

The idea was to leave no stone un-turned in putting all the efforts for complete realistic training that will be directly related to the outcome of a split second hand to hand confrontation. 

Since its origination in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) when leaving the IDF, Krav Maga was turned into a Dojo system with the Judo ranking belt system in the direction of the original Krav Maga Founder as a retirement occupation for himself and his followers, it was watered down. Over few generations it even got worse. 

Pure Krav Maga is basically a trademarked name to preserve the direction of the original Israel Defense Force Krav Maga and ensure that anyone using it sufficiently knows what he is doing. 

The idea is to maintain quality control and preserve the Original Training System of Krav Maga and its Principles so it will not lose its identity among the evolutionary thieves and legitimate users that happened to learn the watered down system.

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