Dog Training vs Mind Programming - How to Water Down H2H/by Boaz Aviram

Common method applied in the civilian market consists of Demonstration, No explanation just a fast execution, hard training, and self Learning from mistakes.

Students learn from trying to mimic the instructor demonstration without being able to see any other styles of attack methods, they cannot use their own rationale to judge the validity of what they are spending their time on, and can never get a grasp of the whole picture.

This will not give students the best return of their investments. Some will learn on their own just from trying. The only service the instructor facilitates is some basic safety instruction, warm up, and the Dojo and organizing a group to wrestle around with for fun. The road to becoming self defense proof is behind the rising sun.

Demonstration, Explanation ensuring students follow the correct intensive training steps for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, build up to instructed light sparring where students are instructed to test all the techniques in a prescribed manner to facilitate efficient and effective learning.

Drilling to the point the student can demonstrate appropriate reaction and solution of immediate physical harm threat by a split second evaluation and proper response neutralizing his opponents/training partners within split second without causing them physical harm in training, but at the same time without giving them a chance to continue, and also without resorting to fancy demonstration and abiding by sports martial arts exhibition and submission to pain or points of hitting the ground with both shoulders. 

There are no agreed upon submission rules. Just plain inability to continue while trying the most vicious and devastating forms of attacks.

Civilian Krav Maga has one point of emphases for each technique as it was taught by Imrich in his civilian dojo, followed by his students including those few that taught in the IDF totally more intensively.

The idea of giving one or two important points of emphasis is invaluable. However not taken in a prioritized context they might get someone off track if they are not the most important ones of top priority.

If they plan on keeping knowledge to themselves and releasing it slowly then this is what they do. If their instructor planned it for them, then they do it even without planning on it!

The Fitness Factor:
Traditionally people look for physical activity that will put them in shape for health and physique purposes make them look more attractive and more confident in their social and work life. Some people have the time to do variety of activities and some competitive based and some skill based. Some switch activities every year or so to get the broad benefits of each activity. 

For a gym owner of a specific sport which needs specific equipment like the mat or tatami for example, cost of equipment , studio rental and size of space and personal specialization in one branch or another, forces the owner to make the best use of his facility to maximize profits. 

Thus he tries to stretch his activities based on his main service line to cater to the local community and tailor his services to fit everyone’s need. He is therefore competing with the other nearby facilities that offers fitness for fighting, Health, Physique, and Self Confidence. So inevitably this factor should be considered in the Krav Maga Classes offered.

The Fitness Factor Conflict:
Fitness Instructors learn to get people in shape by coaching them personally and encouraging them to use their body in various activities and ranges of motion to promote competitive athletic achievements, and personal fitness health with the control of muscle heart function, and healthy metabolism. 

While Fitness Instructors who major in Physical Education University Program do learn principles of how the Human Body works and how each Fitness activity contributes to athletic achievement and healthy organ and metabolism functioning, they end up serving as either in a coaching or administrative positions. 

As a coach they will use their knowledge to be aware of the limits they can stretch their subjects to. They will give very little emphasis points and very specific instructions of how to do certain things. If they are specifically coaching a sport they will use their accumulated experience in the field and distribute it to their students if they need to see competitive results. 

But really most of the time their method of training is the same as dog taming. If they serve in administrative roles, they would sometimes produce more detailed relevant explanations to their staff trainees and some instructions to the users of the fitness equipment in their facilities.

One thing is for sure: Unless they work as a professor in a Physical Education university, they will never teach anyone how to become a Physical Education Professional.

That mentality, they would be inclined to apply if they got into the business of teaching Fighting Arts including Krav Maga especially if they only learned few techniques of Krav Maga without knowing it in depth and its principles.

The use of Fitness Instructor in the IDF is to motivate, coach and bring their soldiers to their maximum potential of combat fitness by building the soldiers gradually. 

Other Professional Instructors come into play when it comes into combat shooting rappelling, Diving Skiing Flying, diving, Sky Diving and other. Krav Maga is a different animal. It is a unique development that emphasize intensive learning of the Human Weapon Capability. 

The only things that left the IDF were the name Krav Maga and the techniques in a vague fashion with some basic principles. Not the whole Intensive training system which made it unique for H2H fighting. 

Krav Maga Instructor needs to know how to program a student in a matter of few days to few weeks to understand completely the Human Capabilities of Maximum efficiency and speed to put another human in danger, harm, or death, and how to counter it and Prevail!

Since teaching Krav Maga is ensuring your student will react appropriately to a dangerous intelligent Human that is trying to kill him, students needs to have the software stored in their brains and have access to use it.  It is not a dog training process that overtime keeps his body in shape until the end of the season. It is a skill learned for life.

Instructors need to know all the components of fighting capabilities.  They need to know how to teach them and need to teach them as well. If there is a gray area they are unfamiliar with, or miss in teaching, their students have a big gap in their defense potential.

As a student you really need to ask yourself are you really at ease handling a potential serious threat, and is your heart in it, but besides your heart, is your brain in it, and will you probably prevail? 

Teaching Real Krav Maga is really not training someone but using the training methods which are very complex web of skills, controlled incremental exposure to danger and instilling confidence and physical motor skills to control the danger. 

You can not do half of a job and not even ninety percent of a job. Of course some percentage is better than none, but it also could be worse, leading students to concentrate on the least imminent danger trying to execute a technique and failing to see the whole picture costing them their lives. 

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