Krav Maga Coming Back to the Sources / Boaz Aviram

I can see Krav Maga organizations reverting to use some of the Other Martial Techniques. With the correct timing and determination, many martial arts techniques will work in certain scenarios. You will be successful in tossing your opponent to the ground! 

However Krav Maga limited techniques are distilled to consider the most efficient opponent and also consider the next move or two that the opponent can follow up. 

Whatsoever, the principle of efficiency (making the thought process, the technique execution initiation to completion faster, and the results faster) calls for consolidation and standardization of reaction to various attacks from various angles. 

So as a Krav Maga Instructor, anytime you like a very nice technique from other Martial Arts, imagine if you could execute it against a professional boxer or wrestler or a person proficient with the use of a knife according to Western Knife Fighting Style and Eastern Knife Fighting Styles. 

If you realize it would probably not work all the times and of course your opponent would be a stranger and not your favorite student or training partner, then save it for the 4th grade school yard fun!

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