Pure Krav Maga Evolution / Boaz Aviram

Humans have been using their natural skills throughout history. Not that they always applied them consistently and not that they always were able to infer from one experience to another. It is very easy to get distracted in analyzing a method. 

Many systems were put to use before the mathematical formula was found, some were in use by nature only, and were discovered with a mathematical formula based on hypothesis observed form other known phenomena.

The Israeli Defense Forces were Lucky to have Imrich Lichtenfeld on board, where ammunition was scarce and the spirit and determination was obviously the main factor in victory motivated by the love of life preserving the natural rights and liberties of humans that happened to be classified with the Jewish religion, most of people do not understand the depth of Imrich's contribution to humanity. 

In addition it is human nature to try to reinvent the wheel when a new kid is on the block and most of the time they miss the gist of it.

If you think about the aforementioned ingredients for Krav Maga then two ideas should stick out and stay in your mind. First of all, “It is not wise to reinvent the wheel.” It took thousands of years to get a run flat tires that have a living room couch comfort ride.

The other idea, is the mathematical formulas in the Training Method of Krav Maga.
Like any other system, the more in depth you get into it, the more is makes sense. 

Although Hand to Hand Fighting was never a simple form of answering the call to preserve one’s life, Krav Maga has all the ingredients in it with the most balanced proportions.
You really need to read a little more to understand the pieces of the puzzle…

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