Motivation for Learning Pure Krav Maga / Boaz Aviram

A kid grows up, plays in the school yard, and suddenly being dropped down in a Judo hold being humiliated in front of his school mates.
The kid that did this, did not like something about him or was just jealous about something. Kid goes to the movies and a youth gang starts bothering him as part of initiation ceremony.

Girls are told to be aware, always go out in a group, but someone tries to rob them with a knife. Some kids don’t fight back in the school yard, knowing it is a safe environment, and it is not a good idea to be violent.

But they have been humiliated and it bothers them. A kid in the neighborhood is being bullied and slapped. He decides gets to the point that he fears for his life, picks up a stick and hit one of the kids on his head, and then he has to deal with the other kids.

Not knowing what is going on, but using his survival instincts, he thinks he better learn more about the subject. He ends up in the local Martial Arts School learning discipline, how to work out, how to be told when to hit how to hit, how to throw, etc.

Training in the Dojo is never an intense experience as those he experienced in the street. No teacher wants to put young pupils at physical harm.

So he learns slowly like a baby how to fall, walk, crawl run, strike to a desired direction improve his co ordination, focus, etc, one month after the other.  Few years later he starts to spar and get a slightly more realistic taste of a fight, but never as fast and intense event that happened in the street when he did not have time to even sense the fear, but was forced to forcefully hit someone disregarding the human touch.

Then, after learning and training in Martial arts, another occasional street fight, some successful some failure, and suddenly attacker with a knife….

That kid has now changed to several other martial arts, made them part of his training schedule as much as he can fit into his life, only that he would never be humiliated again.

Keep your mind open and always ask yourself. Is the level of action and danger getting any closer in the dojo to what happened to me in real life? Of course, things happened so quick and ended quickly as well.

Now you are armed with 10 new ways of using your fist, and 10 new ways of using your foot as a weapon. You have some idea about pressure points, you have some idea about breaking boards of wood, hoping you will have the ability to break someone’s bones ( which are by the way designed by nature to be a little stronger).

Ask yourself, is it possible that the methods of attack I learn how to defend against are the same methods that any possible man would use? Is it possible that in the nearest dojo to my dojo, there are slightly different methods of attacks of which I would not know how to approach in my defense?

Maybe after shopping around and fighting few “fighting styles” I am too tired to look any further, and it all looks the same to me, or I have a one devastating move that will take care of any situation.

But you can keep wondering and never have sufficient confidence to know ahead of the game what are all the options before you dive into violent water... 

Or you can learn Pure Krav Maga and in a short amount of time, know exactly what are all the options that any 2 hand 2 leg species can have to humiliate you, or cause you bodily harm.

Once you are familiar and accustomed with the whole picture, you will be aware and know what the critical point of no return is where you must timely react to prevent any further problems and how to do it most efficiently.

Your other options are to act instinctively, intuitively, or based on someone’s intuition that was grown out of a false ground, the matters full of techniques of how to take make a student disciplined that he will let you use his body as a training doll and only fight back in the amount you ask him to upon command.
You may spend too much time in a laboratory environment, dealing with clean Gi and clean throws and clean punches that will look very artistic, impressive, etc. 

Or clean fitness, basic improvement of physique, changing skin color to black and blue, but nothing more or nothing less, or a seat shop where you actually get knocked out left and right without figuring much how it happened.

You might be improving by becoming faster, learning how to hit harder, and learning from experience how to hit first. But you never had an opponent standing in front of you with a 7 inch knife pondering about how he would cut your belly open and take your wallet after.

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