Stance you never Stand in! / Boaz Aviram

The Pure Krav Maga Standing Position is called the Combat Training Stance. It is used to break down few principles into their components. The overall principles emanates from the efficiency factor.  If you break it down, you can enumerate the economy of motion, the focus of the body in readiness to the next motion which could be called upon any imminent danger in any direction. However Pure Krav Maga students are taught never to use this stance in a fight.

From commencement of the training kicks and punches are executed from a neutral stance where the student is simple standing straight with his hands hanging down at the sides of his body. Then he learns the training stance which is basically a person walking frozen in a middle of a step.

Similar somewhat to the boxing stance but modified to facilitate maximum lunge for maximum reach to have the maximum surprise element considering the use of both hand strikes and kicks (however, the surprise element is much greater form a neutral stance)it gives students the option to practice punches kicks and defenses in motion and learn methods of applying force and deflection where the body is in motion position.

Like tennis center court principles students train so after the first punch they assume that stance, center their weight and then continue to the next strike. However, if they kick from a neutral position they keep their knee raised after the kick ready to deliver another kick, a block kick followed with hand strikes, or a simultaneous switch to another kick with the other leg.

While various hand and leg strikes are learned to facilitate immediate response to any direction possible, defenses are practiced from the front and side with two major hand positioning - to the sides of the body or crosses. In that manner students learn to distinguish what is the shortest linear response to any attack from any direction.

But really when someone is trained in Pure Krav Maga you will not see him fight or respond to a threat in Pure Krav Maga Training Stance. If you are kicking, your first kick will start from the position you were before you decided to kick. And really if you thought you will kick someone if he would get dangerously close, you really should have been standing in a normal stance not to project any threat to him, but perhaps point your finger to an imaginary line few feet ahead of you and warn your potential opponent – Stop Right there planning to swiftly lunge a devastating kick at him the second he crosses the safety line.

Many times it works, so you save yourself the need to fight and if he crosses the line, it still works since you are saving yourself from potential injury by kicking him first preemptively or out of self defense since he got too close and threatened your safety.

While Pure Krav Maga students train to throw more than one punch using their judgment knowing their own potential and estimating the threat they may face, while the first strike let’s say was from a neutral position the second strike started by them throwing their back hand forward letting their bodies twist behind it, ensuring weight shift and acceleration and maintenance of maximum speed during the strike together increasing the momentum to its full knock out potential.

But the back hand (the hand which is not the one close to the opponent) was not executed from standing position, but in the process of switching from the front punch to the rear punch the body moved into a center court position only for a split second, really not noticeable to the human eye…

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