About the Book: Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon by the Author

Some people tell me " I can't learn from reading a book...I have to take a class.. Class is good, but when you have precise technical theory and precise application methods, a book is very helpful to program one's brain in fluid details and prepare him to class so he would not end up trying to "fix" his training partner, but instead have a deeper understanding of why he is doing a drill and what could it mean in reality. 

The book ties all the dots together without connecting the dots, but through a thorough explanation of the Philosophy and Application of a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System.

Sounds like bombastic words with no underlying substance, but when you start reading it will unveils everything to you.

I myself had a mission: To make it clear to any reasonable man what is Krav Maga and What it is not and prove the point in an argument. In addition, how to do it and how not to do it, and why yes and why not.

So I got myself into in depth lesson in History, comparative analysis of anything known since the creation and related to Hand to Hand Fighting, and reasoning of why this one is good for almost anyone.

I used to teach Krav Maga in the Israel Defense Forces Fighting Fitness Academy many years ago certifying IDF Krav Maga Instructors.  I was the Third IDF Krav Maga Chief Innstructor.  I was third in Lineage from Imrich Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga Creator and the first IDF Krav Maga and Physical Fitness Chief Instructor. The second Krav Maga Chief Instructor was Eli Avikzar. 

For many years thereafter I audited Hedge Funds, gaining experience in collection of evidence, analysis, drawing conclusions, and documenting results of my research of at times over few hundreds of pages of analysis of mathematical and procedural data gave me the determination that I could do it.

One year, few hours a day, writing, editing and pulling into the document each of the over 1,200 photos of sequential execution of the Israel Defense Force Original Krav Maga Curriculum in a film strip fashion I've completed this book.

In my mind it was to create a chess mate Instruction plan using all the Krav Maga principles and applying them consistently and across all planes which was never done before. So if someone wants to tell me that he wants to learn few techniques, sure it is better than nothing...

Sure I was happy about my accomplishment but also had doubts. After people I never met before some your average neighbor and some a high ranking (2-9th dan) in many other Martial Arts and Hand to Hand Combat systems had read my book and told me they had never seen anything else like this before, and were waiting to take my courses my doubts were slowly dissipated.

Yes I had people looking at my training videos promo strips and saying this does not look like Hollywood violence videos, so it is not Krav Maga. It was a training video how to make you the best you can - not a showcase where you learn nothing.

Due to a shortage of time and a lot of material to fit, the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery seven and a half hour DVDs deal with the hands on instruction of a novice female student being programmed through her mind and body the Intensive Sequential Execution of the Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Original Curriculum.

This is just a hint for anyone that is in the Hand to Hand / Self Defense Business that have not read my book, since he does not think that a book can teach him much, and he already spent hours in his youth looking at the basic foot walking steps of Karate, the pictures of Jujitsu throws and armlocks , etc.

With this book, you will able to analyse everything from the start, and if you look at any other book in the martial arts industry that was written prior to my book, or anyone after that was not influenced or "bad influenced" from reading my book(and that will be prosecuted) he would get bored easily. Every man has one of two fields in his life where he is an expert. I am not vain, I just know my stuff!

The book was not meant to be high quality, collection piece, but rather to use it and feed it to your brain while making it economical to print a 325 page college size text book.

Little warning: Some of the big organization might have already peeked in my book. The only way for you to know if they are holding back from you and breaking the simple stuff as advanced and super advanced training is to read my book...

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