Whats Pure Krav Maga? /by Boaz Aviram, Founder

It started with a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System developed in the Israel Defense Forces named Krav Maga. It somehow got a reputation all over the world, and there are many schools in almost every country that use the name without knowing how to use the system.

Pure Krav Maga is geared to identify the most efficient methods of attacks, learning how to use them first, and then learning how to counter them.

If you concentrate your training on the aforementioned, your body and mind will be geared toward stopping an attack from its inception!

Although opponents can always change the rhythm or timing of their attack whether from lack of experience or just because they chose to do something different without being aware of all the low level tactical outcome, since you are trained in defense and counter attack for the most efficient attacks only, you will end up almost attacking first as you recognize such an attack from its inception.

The Name Pure Krav Maga symbolizes the constant quality control in keeping the system distilled In applying all the principles consistently to this training system promoting efficiency in teaching and in fighting when the need arises. Efficiency is the key to always stay one step ahead of your potential opponent!

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