The Meridians of Krav Maga/ by Boaz Aviram

Focus in Learning and Training Self Defense:
Must give student much quicker Effective Self Defense Capability within 15- 30 hours of training!

The advantages of going through the whole Krav Maga Curriculum fast instead of dragging it over long period of time, is to give the students the essence of self defense, which is learning how to successfully overcome dangerous scenarios initiated by other humans.

This is done by subjecting the whole Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Curriculum which consists of selected attack and defensive training methods with Bare Arms, Handy Objects, Sharp Object and Blunt Objects including Knives and Sticks, including Pistol or Assault Rifle Threats from a reasonable distance.

Subjecting students to the whole curriculum fast gives the students complete awareness of what to expect.

Students then must work by themselves or with the instructor’s help or guidance to hone their skills to a level of instinctive execution in sufficient level of mastery that enables them to defend themselves.

Besides the listing of techniques, and training steps, the curriculum includes training drills that are designed to have the students master their material to a level of instinctive and preemptive execution.

The twenty-one hour of core curriculum is the basic coverage of the Krav Maga Principles and Techniques, and getting idea of how to apply it in training and advance in the level of skills.

Arguments for how long should a student condition his body for learning Krav Maga while should be carefully considered by instructors they should never become an obstacle to teach students Krav Maga.

For those instructors that think someone should be conditioned from a young age to perfect his physical skills, like the Shaolin Monks which are considered to be at the highest fitness level of any Martial Arts, this approach makes the training a way of life not teaching Krav Maga nor self defense.

While good strength, Flexibility and Resilience are great for withstanding and Healing from any Physical Injury they do not make students injury proof since they do not deal with most efficient attacks and how to use most efficient defenses to overcome them.

Reaction time is the essence of a fight, since it basically means arriving on time, being there on time to stop the danger. We all know that if we are late to work we could miss the opportunity. In Hand to Hand Fighting Missing an opportunity translate to end of life or in one word Death!

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