Pure Krav Maga Instructor Certificate/by Boaz Aviram

The Pure Krav Maga Instructor Certificate attests that you took the Intensive Krav Maga Course which covered the Intensive Training Steps of the Pure Krav Maga Curriculum, and therefore you have a good starting point to teach someone knowing all the mechanics of training, safety in training, and what is the correct sequential execution of the techniques to promote maximum efficiency to give you leading capabilities over a potential opponent. 

It is expected that you start to teach at your own pace until you gain the actual realistic hands on Instruction experience with the potential of being promoted to a Master Instructor Level.

Because in Civilian Lifestyle it is hard to expect the average folk to devote more than one week of his vacation at a time to perfect his instruction skills, the course lasts Five Days!

With that amount of time you can only give someone a good level of self defense skills and the direction of how to teach them. Since in civilian life students of Instructors only have few hours a week to spare for training, it is to the advantage of the instructors to take their time and monitor their lessons, and hone their teaching skills in every lesson they teach.

From empirical experience students that become Pure Krav Maga Instructors get more Self Defense and Sparring and realistic fighting skills than those that are trained over years in most other Martial Arts.  This is done through a modern training program approach that basically focuses on feeding the cumulative experience of mankind in Hand to Hand Combat in a very intensive fashion.

While Newly Pure Krav Maga Instructors are encouraged to preserve the integrity of teaching Pure Krav Maga, there would always be some types of personalities that will try to preserve the old way of conducting business which is to offer minimum product for maximum cash.

While Pure Krav Maga allows its instructors to tailor their training program to the demand of their localities it emphasizes the separation of fitness from Pure Krav Maga.

Fitness in Pure Krav Maga, entails the minimum required to condition and warm up the body for the material practiced. In addition Pure Krav Maga allows the combination of fitness drills during its classes to answer the need of members that only have few hours a week to work out and traditionally try to combine learning Self Defense Skills with it, however it puts emphasis on the Self Defense Aspect to be taught completely and not have the fitness part interfere with the purpose of the lesson.

Occasionally it is not unimaginable to assume that someone could possibly pass the Pure Krav Maga Instructor Course, but then decide to revert to the old business model of maximizing income with minimizing service.

This has no bearing on the fact that the person has the certificate of completion of Pure Krav Maga Instructor Course.  However it will reflect bad upon him in the future if he wishes to be promoted without being willing to offer Pure Krav Maga Training. He might not be recommended by the Pure Krav Maga Organization in the future.  Historically this phenomena is well known among those who really understand the Martial Arts Business.

Since there is no guarantee what a student would chose to do after he completed the course, potential students are encouraged to read the book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon and judge for themselves if the Pure Krav Maga school really answers their expectations.

This book defines what is Krav Maga and what it is not. It defines how to train in Krav Maga and how not to train in Krav Maga, and it provides for a complete analysis of how Krav Maga (Pure Krav Maga as opposed to other diluted forms of Civilian Krav Maga and those that just adopted the name Krav Maga and claim stories of various fabricated heroism) differentiate from any other form of Martial Art Training in its approach, its techniques, its Training Methods, and its Principles, and why it is much more realistic than the rest. Of course they can also inquire about the specific instructor and verify not only their credentials but also their reputation! It is suggested to personally contact the school that signed the Instructor's Diploma and search for references. And the rest is history.

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