Use of Two Identical Weapons/by Boaz Aviram

Historically it was almost unheard of a samurai who would carry and train to fight with two identical swords at the same time.

While in Hollywood movies we often see a Rambo type star using two identical machine guns or pistols we might wonder why the Military never uses that form of Rambo fighting.

Using Blunt or Sharp weapons in Pure Krav Maga assumes that this type of a weapon provides extension to the arm facilitating greater range.

Depending on the type of the blunt object or sharp object it facilitates the generation of greater force of blow or easier penetration into the opponent’s body causing damage to arteries, or vital organs with less effort that would be required for fighting with bare hands.

Training with handy objects of a type of blunt or sharp objects was never meant to be the core method of Hand to Hand Fighting. If a defender is being alert or aware of a possible confrontation he might have the time to seek a nearby object that could be used as a weapon, or could possibly pick it up as he is traveling through a hostile environment.

However if a defender is surprised while not yet holding a weapon, depending on the distance, he will probably not have the time to pick up the weapon or draw it out of his pocket or belt if the attack is not projected.

While bare hands fighting methods do not rule out the use of a handy object or a sharp or blunt weapon, they should not emphasize the training on self defense based on a use of a weapon. Hand to Hand fighting should concentrate on teaching to be efficient and learn to prioritize and one step ahead at all times and therefore a defender might not have the time to pick or draw his weapon.

What about then learning how to use two weapons at the same time, for example keeping two opponent busy at the same time using two arms each fighting another opponent at the same time, or both fighting same opponent from different directions at the same time?

Well as impressive that a circus juggler could look manipulating two batons or a sword master that is manipulating two swords, it would not be such a great idea.

First if you try to ‘Fight” two opponent at the exact same time, if they attack you from different angle, remember your peripheral vision can only reach that far to the sides of your head. So if one opponent sneaks around your back you he will become hidden from your sight.

Another major limitation would be attempting to keep a centered position and use your arms as two separate chain saws or meat grinders and attempt to cut anything that gets near to a cutting range. But it would limit your maximum range of reach because you will have a tendency to be more static with your body. 

If you do try to lunge and lean forward with a stick or sword strike while holding another weapon, you will definitely not be able to use the other weapon simultaneously at the same time.  Your tactical fighting system would be then based on a defensive approach waiting for your opponent to attack and hopefully you will be trained to judge the correct timing of when to expect your opponent’s hit or cut to get near enough for you to counter it with your own weapon.  But your opponent would have much more freedom and range of motion to preemptively attack you or to close the gap faster.

If you try the same method of using two identical weapons with one opponent, again, your capabilities would amount to a static meat grinder with slight motion forward and back or even side to side, but your opponent’s advance would have a greater capability to move faster.  Therefore, as confusing as it could be and as intimidating that it would be, it would not be a sound approach to fight.

Not that holding two different weapon would be a bad idea. Use of a shield and a sword was done in many fighting methods, where both the sword and the shield could be used to defend and attack. Similar to that is the police tactical crowd control methods using a shield and a baton. But almost never engaging and hitting two people at the same time.

Hitting two opponent at the exact or almost exact same time is only possible when they both approach you at the same time and at the same range in the close range.   But you rather not let opponents get that close and deal with them by merely getting closer to one of them first and dealing with him in few split seconds and then moving on to the next.

Remember the essence of hand to hand fighting is being one step ahead of your opponent, and it is always good to have a free hand, to fall on or grab your opponent in a possible development of grappling scenario.

In conclusion, 
most of the times you cannot utilize two striking or cutting devices at the same time. Even if you train your body and mind to act like two separate extension of grinding machines and move forward and chop anything in your way, a skilled opponent will take advantage of your occupation on both fronts at the same time, and you will either have to move closer to one front at a time, using your other weapon like a windmill and at the same time not utilizing the weapon you need in its maximum potential. 

Bottom line in a Hand to Hand fighting scenario is that you would like to have the option to drop your weapon and use your hands for short range striking or escaping from grappling scenarios or manipulation of a grappling attempt on the account of your opponent.

This is why Soldiers are not issued two assault rifles and why police officers are not issued dual tactical batons or dual tactical shields. Although a unique idea it is just not that a great idea...

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