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How do other Krav Maga Systems differ from Pure Krav Maga?

Some of the other Krav Maga Systems have the following elements:

- Training methods and techniques of other existing Martial Arts have been copied.

-Overall MMA approach of each to his own.

-Teaching is fitness based fast demo with very little explanation followed by a fitness style repetition.

-Many inefficient techniques and training methods are used.

- Learning takes many years and many students who train few years never advance and appear to be at the same level of fighting skills.

-Principles are never taught and techniques are never explained.

-Techniques seems to be an immediate solution of a hypothetical position of a training partner rather than a tactical solution to the most efficient possible opponent.

In Pure Krav Maga you learn the sequential execution of all the techniques and the application of all the principles in 21 hours so you have a solid foundation. With the reference material of the book and training videos you get solid foundations for life.

Nothing wrong in excelling in a sport but self defense should be well rounded skills and not in winning sports competitions, but in awareness through understanding the limits both you and your opponent may have through lecture and training and using them to your favor when you can.

Pure Krav Maga has all the techniques and the Tactics that the other Martial Arts have in their most efficient combination of form and prioritization geared for Self Defense Training under the constraint of reaction time. To be able to completely understand this statement you can read the book Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon!

Why do many Krav Maga organizations have a law enforcement and military component to their training?

Many so called Krav Maga organization with roots in the various martial arts, and even some civilian Krav Maga have a section called military components training in their curriculum.

This appears to be as part of the “Krav Maga Fashion” component suitable to a 4th grade level people that try to impress their buddies with an older brother or a parent serving in the military or police. Some people never grow up.

Many organizations are happy to volunteer to teach police and military units and then to add this to their curriculum. 

There is a big difference that giving a short training seminar as a fun activity to a unit and actually setting up the curriculum for this unit for ongoing training.

Many in charge high rank officers are yet not familiar with all the ins and outs of Hand to Hand Combat Training Systems.

How does the current Israeli Defense Forces(IDF) training differ from Pure Krav Maga?

The IDF had Imrich Lichtenfeld and then Eli Avikzar for many years and me after Eli Avikzar for a few years.

It was a two to three men department of a Head of the department, assistant to the head which was a certified IDF Krav Maga instructor who was continuously mentored by the head of the department and did all the physical and administrative work as he was trained well and was happy to keep busy.

The IDF Fighting Fitness Training Academy had a much lax discipline than other units.

It was comprised with professional staff of various unique skills that were assigned the duties of instilling trainees with good fitness skills and habits.

In addition it taught,unique skills of Hand to Hand Fighting and other fitness Physical related needed skills of rock climbing and combat shooting.

It served as a laboratory in honing the basics of these skills and ensuring efficiency and speed which is the most important element of prevalence.

The IDF was just lucky to have a genius and a skilled Hand to Hand Combat fighter to start the process.

His followers kept his tradition, and when the chain of lineage was broken, they tried to pick the best available Instructor form their newly recruited matter which had the most topic related aptitude and supplemented his skills by sending him to be trained with one of the civilian Krav Maga organizations few times a week to maintain the tradition.

Some civilian organizations may have a person that was involved in the IDF Krav Maga instructions and some of them did not.

The question was whether the IDF one month Krav Maga Instructor course was taught by someone from the IDF lineage of people trained by Imrich Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar in the IDF.

When Fight Quest TV Staff was sent to Israel to film Krav Maga they have contacted me first. I suggested to them to Contact Krav Magen Organization, since it was a civilian organization that was originally headed by Eli Avikzar.  Not sure if the public has noticed, but when the TV crew came to Israel they were overwhelmed by a market of merchants trying to give them tours to market their form of Martial Art.

It was very tempting for anyone that was dreaming of teaching Martial Art in the Israeli Defense Forces to forget his roots of the Japanese or Chinese Martial Art and suddenly call his art Krav Maga translated to Hand to Hand Fighting in Hebrew. Why not?

When the Flotilla 13 was assigned to handle the control of the boats trying to smuggle weapons to Gaza, although they handle it successfully, it hurt the fearful image of the Israeli Soldiers when few of its officers were beat in a Hand to Hand Fighting Scenario. 

That had caused the IDF to put a little more scrutiny on the Krav Maga program in the military.  The irony that Krav Maga which deals with the prioritization on all aspects in the process of teaching Hand to Hand Combat was never the priority of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Since it is an area that is rarely being used in combat, and if it is used, there are not too many witnesses left to document its importance and not too many in charge high ranking officials that strive to keep the basic facilities.

Although in  a modern world warfare is mainly conducted on a big scale, the basis of the fighting unit is the Individual brain.  The chain of command facilitates bigger brains with bigger experience to make the big decisions, and the smaller brains or perhaps the junior geniuses kept busy with fitness drills to a complete exhaustion to bring them to a complete mechanical execution of the final engagement of the task of war.

Perhaps it is a matter of efficiency. Considering all that, yet, the IDF had maintained a unit for Hand to Hand Fighting Instruction like any other military, and perhaps since it was never the top priority of the chain of command, it kept a low profile.

It was mainly utilized to have a short overall curriculum to be taught to special units, at times to newly recruit females that were at risk of being raped during hitchhiking and have their weapons stolen as well.

The Krav Maga department of the Israel Defense Forces had a tailored curriculum of 3, 6, 9, 15, 21 hours for newly recruits (lesser hours unless females)and special units.

The Krav Maga Instructor Course which did not even say instructor on its certificate was comprised of one month.

The whole twenty-one hour curriculum was taught leaving time for rehearsing it few times to ensure retention as much as possible leaving each trainee time to be evaluated on teaching, planning and following on lesson plan including personal execution of skills and sparring ability.

Like any other field in life, the majority of Masters seek a way to preserve their knowledge and teach or mentor just enough to get the job done.

Of course a master could always find a way to improve something, perhaps an area that is unexplored or perhaps a way to make a connection to simplify teaching and retention among the students.

I personally think that if you do not pass the knowledge of exactly how, why and how not and why not, over time the knowledge base would be reduced. You will have many people that are followers arguing with each other right wrong yes no, but they would be lost completely.

To my opinion, there should have not been a separation of military and civilian section in the curriculum, nor a male female distinction such as Krav Maga for women, Krav Maga for men, and Krav Maga for soldiers. Instead it should be about Krav Maga for Humans or Hand to Hand Combat for Humans.

Generally most organization have the following elements:  

-If you are devising a specific curriculum to soldiers you will probably give them the experience of using their rifle for striking, and teaching them how to fall or roll efficiently.
-If you are devising a specific curriculum for females, you are probably teaching them how to control a man in the very near distance.
-If you are teaching a curriculum for civilians you probably make them sweat and work out and feel healthy and fit.

If you use the name Krav Maga think that while it is one of the few ways of the Hebrew Language terms for Hand to Hand Fighting, it was used as the unique name distinguishing the Israel Defense Force Hand to Hand Fighting method founded by Imrich Lichtenfeld.

This means that you should give each human student defense capability in every range possible that facilitates hand to hand fighting and self defense and do this intensively. If you do not know how to do it, how to teach it or willing to teach it, then you are insulting humanity, and please accept an insult for yourself if you know you cant do it, but claim that you are doing it.

Instead of making your neighborhood crowd of students newly military recruits of privates for life keeping them busy with footwork and sweat, so they will always follow your command and pay their tuition for life, teach them quickly how to defend themselves according to the elements of the building blocks.

You cannot put the roof before you put the foundations. But use the modern approach of the extensive knowledge available through the modern elements of communications and the accumulated distilled knowledge existing.  If you had the foundations and the roof in yourself and the modern learning methods, you would have been able to teach it. Lack of having them yourself, you will never be able to teach it, so dont fool yourself and your students.

To take a human and give him an overall fast ability to defend himself not missing an essential component should be the test whether you are a good Krav Maga instructor or not.

The potential attacker, the imaginative aggressor that you are preparing your student to withstand attack from, should be the worse evil possible of human kind.

This ideal aggressor would still follow the worse or best physical capacity tested in the Fitness sports, circus, martial arts world but mathematically broken down to its formulae and methods of operations, and if this is what you are preparing your student to fight against, you are doing a good job.

Remember many military organizations teach their special units to be that type of aggressor, the element of surprise that would take down most people by surprise. Your job as a Pure Krav Maga instructor is to devise a training method that will take this option into greater consideration.

If Krav Maga is basically a system of combative techniques, why is Krav Maga different or better than other military combative principles?  

It appears that in Most Krav Maga Organizations there are more pistol and Assault Rifle Disarms than other Martial Arts.

However, what research has been done to verify the success of these techniques? Notice that all techniques for disarming are conducted at optimum distance and with no resistance from the attacker!

This lack of resistance is common in many martial arts on all level to demonstration of the systems.  You need to first teach the basic technique before you give the experience of how to do it in case of resistance but then immediately instruct your students to try and resist in every way possible.

Pure Krav Maga Pistol Disarms and Assault Rifle disarms are to be conducted as last resort if held as a hostage or being robbed at a gun point.  The training starts with a simple technique that is devised to answer the next move that the attacker is capable as a counter reaction.

The techniques execution is rehearsed and after the student is demonstrating he can respond to a threat in a sufficient speed his training partner who is assigned with the attacker role is instructed to try counter defensive moves and if not able to come with all possible moves, the instructor is giving him instruction of how to do it.

These Pure Krav Maga Pistol and Assault Rifle disarms are fully tested considering the opponents counter defense capabilities.

Who are the Krav Maga organizations one should avoid?  It is up to you buddy, but I suggest read the book before you decide which one to join either: "Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon."

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