Self Defense Demonstration Capabilities / by Boaz Aviram

Often someone tries to demonstrate his version of Self Defense Scenario. You will have choreography of a potential scenario, of people getting mugged, attempted rape, bullying etc. This is possible as we hear and witness many cases of it.

Then you have a demonstration of one person doing so called Karate, and the other doing so called boxing, and some do Jujitsu, and many more styles of Martial Arts.

All these scenarios although not very common, are theoretically possible as well. So the presentation is normally of few techniques that are borrowed from one martial art another fighting sport and portray the victorious overcoming of a threat. In show business no one gets hurt.

Obviously we do not want to hurt anybody just for the purpose of producing a video. So there is really no full contact and the attacker is really not attacking in full speed or the defender is not really counter attacking in full force or full penetration.

The question is, if there are so many varieties of people attacking methods and scenarios, how are you going to learn in a short period of Intensive Training self Defense! Certainly not by following the drama in the demo.

How do you teach someone to overcome the danger of drowning? You teach them to swim, to float, various techniques of bobbing and maintaining oxygen supply, you teach them about currents, the difference between salt water and sweet water and buoyancy, etc.

Yes in this case swimming technique and fitness is a major component, but really not if you are in the middle of the ocean far from anywhere to swim, and just trying to stay on the surface and preserve energy.

In Hand to Hand fighting you need to learn and be aware of all potential evil criminal intentions that are out there. Then you need to learn about your body’s potential to stop it, considering the potential of an experienced attacker to hurt you. Reaction time, Pressure points, angles of approach and damage possible are taken into account.

Methods of reaching your target using force, and methods of using efficient force, methods of deflecting and releasing, prioritization of most efficient method for each scenario, and conditioning your body to produce the desired possible efficient reaction to a threat are all crucial components of the self defense training process.

If you are missing one of them, you are trying to imitate swimming motions on a yoga mat!

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