Pure Krav Maga (Stephen McPherson)

Mr. Boaz Aviram,
I believe that what you’ve done will keep Krav Maga alive for generations to come. I want to thank you, because I really feel that it is imperative to our people--to all people--that we endure life and its many challenges.

The challenges most hideous are largely those violently forced upon others by the darker elements of society. Truly, Krav Maga answers these challenges succinctly, effectively, and better than anything else we know.

On the other hand, the whole of martial arts has failed to provide efficient and effective methods of self-defense, which can be quickly grasped and sufficiently understood by the general population.

To put it another way, anyone can bang a hammer and go through the motions to build a structure. But it is not until one study the underlying framework, scientific calculations, and purposeful methods involved in building that one can build a structure with sufficient strength to endure, while simultaneously providing the most comfort and safety for its inhabitants.

Even so with martial arts systems, which altogether fail to sufficiently examine the most practical elements, efficient methodology, and realistic techniques upon which to teach self-defense.

I know your teachings and the heart with which you instruct, and feel a kind of kinship which goes beyond nation, heritage, and value system. You see—I, too, have "bought-in" to Krav Maga—as it was intended, as it is truly practiced.

And I have you to thank for it. While it is true that others also have a passion for Krav Maga, yours is truer because you have the proper technique and understanding, and did not exchange your knowledge for arrogance or illicit gain.

And when you left Israel, Krav Maga came with you. Despite claims, photos, and certificates of those who think themselves proven Krav Maga disciples or leaders, many of them never understood Krav Maga to begin with. Over time, even those who did know gave way to age, health, ego, power or wealth, and their knowledge was lost or obscured.

While others make claims and have photos with Krav Maga’s Founder, many of today’s leaders never fully understood Krav Maga to begin with. This is not entirely their fault, since many could not have realized that Lichtenfeld’s civilian school taught a dojo version, intended to maintain IDF Krav Maga superiority.

Others, still, knew these limitations but portrayed themselves as all-in-all Krav Maga masters. You, my friend, did no such thing, despite personal instruction by both KM founders (Imi Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar) and holding the position of IDF Krav Maga Chief Instructor, the position both men assumed before you.

These two facts, alone, uniquely qualify you to teach and critique Krav Maga, above all others.

I cannot afford Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and Eli Avikzar the respect they deserve; however, you did when you re-introduced authentic Krav Maga to the world with Pure Krav Maga (PKM). So I ask you: who are the true founders, innovators, and guardians of authentic Krav Maga? He who yells from the rooftop or he who tends the field? Thanks again, Boaz!
--Stephen M. McPherson

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