The Original Civilian Krav Maga Curriculum / by Boaz Aviram

In the civilian Krav Maga School Krav Maga was taught over a course of 4 years.

You would spend 4 months of two hours a week as a White belt and learn the material for a yellow belt: where you would learn Break Falls, Rollovers, Boxing Punches, Elbows, Finger Jabs, Front Kick, Outside Defences, Release from a front Choke, release from wrist holds.

You then spend six months as a yellow belt where you learn the material for Orange belt: Side Kick defensive rear Kick and rear axe kick, Rear round house kick, Release from Holds, Inside Defences vs. Hand Strikes, Outside Defences vs. Hand Strikes, Restraining Techniques- Controlling and taking someone out of a building with a control lock/arm bar, and shadow boxing foot work.

I would like to stop and make a note that according to this curriculum you have a student training in civilian Krav Maga for a whole year and does not have a clue of what reaction time is and what efficiency is.

If the instructor does not explain when and why you would chose to execute inside or outside defenses, the student would not know what to do instinctively, and might attempt to take the long course to try and block a strike or a kick.

In addition the pressure points are not explained either, so the civilian Krav Maga student does not have a good idea of what exactly to expect. In addition as I've noticed in the Civilian Krav Maga Dojan, the how to punch and why is not explained, and you just get to punch a pad or a heavy bag and train to “improve” or create bad punching habits.

You then would spend eight months as an orange belt learning the material for Green belt: You learn to manipulate your opponent’s wrist in a cavalier grips with all the shapes and forms possible, release from Neck Holds from the Side and Rear, Various forms of release form a shirt grab, release form Nelson Hold, Release form Hair Pulling, Release from wrists hold form the rear of both wrists, Release from Control Locks, Defenses Vs. Kicks with arms and feet, Jumping Front Kick, Front Round House Kick, Switching Kick combinations, Judo Sutemi Techniques(Self Sacrifice). Boxing Sparring Games. Rollovers to the sides, Continuous motion defensive attack with one arm.

Twelve Months as a green belt learning the Blue Belt Material:
12 Months as a year as a blue belt learning the Brown Belt Material: Inside defences combined with Judo foot sweep, outside defence vs. straight punch with counter knife hand strike, Responding to a front body hold with a head throw to the ground, Responding to an opponent pulling you from the back with an arm and body pivot, plucking with the front hand and punching with the rear hand, Various taesabaki vs. kicks with counter kicks, Defence vs. multiple opponents, Defensive Full Turn Back Round house. Slap Kicks. Ground Techniques (release from holds and Chokes on the Ground). Release from Chokes standing, sitting and on the ground, Clubbing Defenses. Learning how to use a knife, Defenses vs. knife holds, using a Knife vs. Knife. Defense vs. Pistol Threat, Defenses vs. bayoneted Rifle.

Twelve Months as a Blue belt learning the material for a Brown belt: Various Attacks with Kicks and fist combinations, Various Jumping Kicks Combinations. Tactical applications of front and rear round house kicks, and various other attack and defensive kicks, Defence during Motion advancing forward to the side.

Twelve Months as a Brown Belt learning the material for a Black Belt:
Responding to a shoulder grab with a turn and an armbar, Aikido techniques vs. a top down strike, variety of responses for a shirt/clothes grab, Sentry Removal, Attack Chokes, Knife Fights, Boxing Fights, Judo Fights, Full Contact Fights.

If you have a black belt in Krav Maga and win a national championship in any sports Martial Art you get another Dan. If you train in Krav Maga intensively or have an intensive knowledge of Krav Maga or any other Martial Art, you get another Dan.

It appears that Israeli Defense Forces H2H was not compatible with Martial Arts Commercialism and lost its essence.

Eli Avikzar was the designated successor of Immi Sde Or. He succeeded him in the Israeli Defense Forces(IDF), was appointed by Immi the first Black belt in Krav Maga, and also the head of rank Committee at the first civilian Krav Maga Association.

However, he grew apart and left Immi and became distant when Immi bypassed him giving ranks to open international schools. It was a mess trying to use IDF system in civilian belt system - a mesh between the art of commercialism and practical H2H.

Those that started in Civilian Martial Arts or Krav Maga and stayed there, never got the opportunity to know what Krav Maga is. The reputation of the IDF Krav Maga is true. Fast Learning, Effective, and most efficient fighting Training Method. But the availability of good instruction material is far off from the truth!
(Boaz Aviram, Copyrighted material)

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