Will Krav Maga Evolve?/by Boaz Aviram

What might look like the circus drama ending of a defense vs. straight stab to the live side with the right forearm, back of the hand strike(Imi's style and Knife Hand to the carotid artery' Eli's Style) The lift of the hands perhaps is not that dramatic but a realistic retraction to maintain force and balance after executing a knee kick

Everything in life is evolving in one way or another. Krav Maga is the name the IDF designated for its H2H Training System. It just happened that Imrich Lichtenfeld was very innovative with his principles.

Eli Avikzar continued his way. I followed...

Like in any other science, you constantly see new students trying to prove something that as already was beat to death in any direction.

The question is what will evolve or in which direction will it. Another question is how to distinguish between evolution to just another re-write of history. There was a problem with the IDF Krav Maga since when it left the IDF it has lost many of the comprehensive advantages it had as taught in the IDF. In addition, it lost its quality control.

Like in other organizations, Krav Maga organizations are composed of their leaders and members. If we compare them to other educational institutions, we can see that some have more interest in their student's success than others. Humans are still basically made of with the same number of bones and muscles that they had for the last few thousands of years.

The percentage if increase in intelligence might be offset with the increase in natural population. You have many of Imi's followers that some have successfully tested some or all of his principles and techniques, and might have had a better opportunity to apply them more vigorously than others. You also have many that just followed the stream and did not understand his principles.

While Imi had an insight and understanding of why sports martial arts were not suitable for self defense, and was quoted " The minute Jigoro Kano created the Sport of Judo, he had to extract all its lethal elements..." he was quoted saying he is trying to modify Krav Maga to be suitable for civilian and youngsters.

Ironically, Jigoro Kano, is known to be also the founder of the belt system. If you take a champion of boxing, wrestling and gymnastics trained in Jujitsu, add his student that is also trained in Judo and Aikido, bring in a Karate Champion for comparative, add about 45 years of constant experiments with the best of the IDF minds and bodies, strongest and weakest as well, in an environment that calls for efficiency and improved life saving skills, you get Krav Maga.

If you add the fear that the system might get to the wrong hands or might be learned too fast, you get a version that resembles more civilian Krav Maga.

In the past few years, you had few civilian Martial Arts Instructors that somehow rationalized that with their vast experience in Martial Arts, and some even with competitive experience in various Sports and non sports martial arts that they could reinvent history and develop "their own improved version of Krav Maga".

Unfortunately, with all respect to their years of training and sports martial arts achievements, I have no respect whatsoever to their intelligence and their attempt to politically circumvent history and attempts to come up as winners on the originator's accounts.

The question is how are we satisfied that what we are getting is good Krav Maga, i.e. best self defense skills. While wrestling, boxing, and fencing are the only safe methods for free sparring that develop braveness, endurance, and quickness, yet many other sports develop some of the same qualities.

How do you test self defense system to be efficient and effective? Basically by seeing the whole picture, breaking it down to its components and testing its components and drawing conclusions.

Two dominant methods of striking and kicking evolved in history: Those to kick and punch people and those to kick and punch bricks. It appears that when you kick and punch people you should be more loose than stiff. In that department boxing like motion as an advantage over a karate like motion.

Reaction time is an essential principle of Krav Maga that takes into account that our opponent is not a static target but instead a threatening enemy, that can make us his target at any second. How do we still keep an advantage over our opponent?

With the innovation and accessibility to technology, training methods could be be supplemented shortening the training time and making it more efficient and effective as well.

The bottom line, is that self defense training could be compared to cooking. If we overdo it, we burn the food. But the process is much more complex than simple.

We need to know and see the whole process before we start to teach. Avoiding errors initially instill good training habits. Errors take longer to correct.

I think many people perform techniques in variation of sequences, and some of them may need to "evolve" at some point.

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