If you haven't learned from Boaz, then you're just pretending!/Stephen Mc.

If you haven't learned from Boaz, then you're just pretending!February 28, 2013
This review is from: Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery (DVD)
Mr. Boaz Aviram,

I believe that what you have done will keep authentic Krav Maga alive for generations to come. I want to thank you, because I feel that it is imperative to our people--to all people--that we endure life and its many challenges. The challenges most hideous are largely those violently forced upon us by the darker elements of society. Truly, Krav Maga answers these challenges succinctly, effectively, and better than anything else we know.

The whole of the sporting and martial arts have failed to provide efficient and effective means of self-defense for the general population; neither can they be sufficiently grasped or easily understood. 

To put it another way, anyone can bang a hammer and go through the motions to build what looks from the outside like a solid structure. 

But it is not until you study the underlying framework, scientific calculations, and purposeful methods involved in building a structure that it will have sufficient strength to endure, while providing the most comfort and safety for its beneficiaries. 

In the same way, martial arts have failed to examine the most practical elements of defense, but Krav Maga performs masterfully in the efficient methodologies, realistic techniques, and foundational principles upon which human defense is based.

In Pure Krav Maga (PKM), one sees--perhaps for the first time--the very same Krav Maga developed in the IDF military that became known as the best hand-to-hand fighting system in the world. 

With true KM/PKM now taking the civilian world by storm, there is little that even the commercialized Faux Maga associations can do to turn the tide. 

One quick glance at Boaz's book/DVD makes every KM instructor NOT trained by him look like they're just pretending! 

Word of advice to anyone who THINKS their self a knowledgeable KM practitioner: man-up, sell-out, buy the book/DVD, and begin learning REAL, PURE KRAV MAGA--in all of its lethality, simplicity, and beauty!

Thanks again, Boaz!


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