Why Boxing Should Not be a Substitute for any Part of Pure Krav Maga Hand Strikes Training /by Boaz Aviram, Pure Krav Maqa Founder

A boxing match lasts 12 rounds of 3 minutes each, total of 36 Minutes which is by the way the minimum time recommended to build endurance in jogging as only 30 minutes is good to keep the endurance and cardiovascular at the same level and after time the body not only adjusts but the fitness decreases.

So given that, and given that you are careful not to lose, you get the tendency to use that time to your advantage. Run around the ring, wear your opponent down and push the limits of illegal striking and tiring your opponent by leaning on him with your weight.  Note that after few rounds even the referee gets tired to separate the competitors timely.

If sparring or fighting would have been conducted using all body parts, it appears that it is inevitable that once in the close range, punching is less effective, and takedowns or use of soft pressure points is inevitably a better option.

It is also appears that the jabbing concept, distraction, fast reach to the opponent's head or even the body with the front hand follow with a stronger back hand, conditions boxers to do it all the times even when they have a good chance to KO with the front punch.

So it looks like the projected jab can get the opponent to ready himself for the next strike. From this fight it looks like overall that - It is always best to move in and almost never retreat.

Boxer punching method, tends to be more of the projected nature i.e. can be predicted when they either move in close before they punch, or move their shoulder and body before the hand or together which slows down the hand a bit. However each boxer has its own style and on occasion you see a boxer that breaks the norms with a quick Knock out.

When one opponent has a longer reach with the front hand, the other attempts to duck under and close the gap to neutralize the effectiveness of the long strikes.

If boxing was not a sport with limited striking, ducking could expose the back of the neck to top town blows which then boxers would have had to change their style of ducking and timing to avoid such danger.

At times boxers hold their gloves half faced covered, ready to move and attack or dip bob and weave as they advance and as a defensive method where their hands are moving with the head ready to be sent to attack, when they sense their opponent is attacking or even as a random upper body positioning to prevent their upper body from being a standing target.

If no gloves were worn, a possible attack to break that defense would be to hit right in the center of the forearms with a bursting punch penetrating with speed and force, the forearms in front of chin, and following with a forward elbow will do the rest of the job, to catch any bobbing to any direction.

While the idea behind weaving and dipping is not to be a static target while in motion, it could be countered with simply attacking the boxing lower then his head for initial distraction, and moving up to his head with a combination.

Weaving, Dipping and bobbing do not have much stopping effect on kicks, nor do they provide a solution for takedowns...

The idea in boxing that the head is used to protect the head and the body is used to protect the body does not stretch the limits of Human body capacity to be used as a weapon in boxing training methods.

While a blow directed to the head could be avoided by weaving or bobbing in the right timing, punching techniques, stances and motion often applied in a too close of a distance where defense tactics could not be timely applied.

In addition the safe approach to distract the opponent and follow with a combination could easily cause a reversal of fortunes if the first jab is blocked with a simultaneous counter attack.

In boxing, defenses with the body or head are not instinctively natural and do not take into account the Human Capacity to use Kicks, Knee Kicks, Punches, Elbows and grip on vital soft pressure points.

While in boxing the training during shadowboxing is geared toward coming back to center court throwing punches, In Pure Krav Maga, when practicing punches, the emphasis is finishing each punch, pausing and striking the next punch with the other hand from the starting point of opposite pivot instead of coming back to center court right after the first punch.

This facilitates the principle of efficiency, with the tactical assumption that if you do not need to do anything after the first punch then why move back to the center. If you do need to continue, why move back to the center and waste valuable time.

Also since the preferable range to start a defensive move or attack is out side of the opponent's range of reach, the hands of Pure Krav Maga students would not be constantly in front of their faces either.

See other articles regarding Krav Maga striking and blocking methods and use the book Krav Maga - Use of the Human Body as a Weapon; Philosophy and Application of Hand to Hand Fighting Training Methods as a complete reference book to gain a deeper insight for the technical, tactical and training methods and applications and comparative analysis of Krav Maga and other Fighting Sports and Martial Arts.

In conclusion, the sport of boxing and its training methods pushes the limits of distraction and wearing out of the opponent more than a fast move in conclusive of a fight. Not that it ever happens because it does happen.

While a good boxer in a street fight is hard to defend against, his gym training habits have somewhat of a limiting nature far beyond the fact that his tendency to use more boxing than elbows kicks and grappling or soft pressure points techniques. Although boxing training do push the limits for conditioning and pain tolerance.

Remember however, that serious athletes that train in a sports fighting environment do have good reactions great fitness and superior ability to take and give blows at ease. But they might find themselves having a hard time to apply their training to the Self Defense environment. Small changes in the training methods and techniques, do make a big difference in the ability to apply them to Self Defense Scenarios!

But in Pure Krav Maga, the idea is to give anyone the opportunity to reach his goals of self defense much faster with more specific self defense training.

On another note think why Imrich Lichtenfeld that was trained as an accomplished Boxer, Wrestler and Gymnast extracted certain boxing training out of boxing and modified boxing. 

The idea in Krav Maga is to have an almost simultaneous defense and counter attack and not deflecting attacks and taking the opponent out of balance and then attacking, although various methods or ideas are explored and shown.

Boxing has a great defensive and attack tactics for boxing.  But if you add kicks, and knives and try to look at the essence of fighting not a limited competition it would necessitate thinking about various conditions where you do not get a second chance to engage with an opponent meaning only for 1-3 seconds for each opponent.

Considering that during training you are acquiring fighting habits as well as good skills, you want to find a way to avoid bad habits that do not promote overall control of your territory against someone that is not limited to any form of attack and defense. Sure you get good skills of escape and attack. 

Sure you can adapt, but you need to do the adaptation drills for that so it would be quick enough. Some people get a chance to adapt to reality out of necessity. 

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