Advanced Pure Krav Maga – More techniques? No Thanks/ by Boaz Aviram

Advanced Pure Krav Maga – More techniques? No Thanks. It is about making the fundamental work against more engaging opponents. How? An experienced Instructor is the answer.

You can get an idea about how to do something, you can compare it to your knowledge and see if it makes sense or not. Sometimes you need to learn a little bit more to have the analytic tools.

You can trust blindly someone based on something, but there will be a point that you might doubt your trust.

My book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon with the Pure Krav Maga – Self Defense Mastery Training DVD set, gives you the tools to train yourself or to at least have control on your training process and have a good reference source.

The Training DVD set is packed with hands on training of a novice student to reach a level of proficiency going intensively through the IDF curriculum to a level of sufficient proficiency.

My book contains a thorough analysis of the so called Self Defense related history, with Krav Maga, the need to find a method, and the solution for self defense scenarios demonstrating all the underlying principles that differentiate Krav Maga from everything else related.

So far, many that have read my book and used my training DVDs have found a lot of useful material that was never presented to them anywhere else.

Few had first time interest in Self Defense but many had years of vast experience training and or instructing in many martial arts, fighting sports, and law enforcement related training. So apparently it is obvious that most training systems are more fitness and Hollywood geared.

Many eclectic methods of martial arts present a different angle of striking, kicking, throwing and grappling.

Many sports or borderline sports martial arts deal with specific aspect of fighting under limitation imposed or assumptions imposed on their students.

It is like someone is selling a designed key chain to be used as a weapon with a manual of proposed pressure points and market it as the best way to defend oneself in the market. So then it becomes a trend.

Well as a quick fix, it makes sense. You being aware, you hold the stinger, or little metallic stick hanging on your key chain and you know that when your attacker grabs you, you attack his arm, or body and cause him severe pain and he will leave you alone. Simple low of physics, small hard object has greater impact and force applied onto small pressure point.

The only problem is what to do in scenarios that your opponent can reach your pressure points quickly with a good strike, or even if he tries to throw you to the ground by surprise. But realistically, you will need a little bit more training for sure.

Same idea of a problem exists in any martial art. While some have more efficient thought process and techniques based on efficiency, or training methods and application that are slightly better than others, they all lack completeness.

Obviously if your basic assumptions or principles are not that smart, even if you go through advanced training you are bound to fail. The original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga explored the reaction time subject while many training systems did not.

For the average folk, some basic sound ideas and training about how to handle a situation are good or better than nothing.

Sometimes nothing learned will force an individual to come up with a better solution on his or her own during a confrontation and sometimes not due to acquisition of some bad habits in training.
But while most of the population does not have the time to spend hours of training every day in a simulated reality based fighting training, it appears that many realize the need to find some sort of exercise outlet in their sedimentary lives.

Most Krav Maga Gyms give you some exercise. But if you are really hoping to learn more than some efficient approach into handling scenarios, which by the way most civilian Krav Maga schools and other martial arts do not give you, then you need to train in Pure Krav Maga.

While it is possible to learn more from reading the book and using the training DVD set than to go to your average place that teaches Krav Maga or other reality based “Self Defense”, at some point there would be a limit to your progression.

So far this aforementioned book and Training DVD set had surpassed in its collective information and reference source enabling one to learn the truth about self defense, how to approach it and how to train in it, but still there is much more experience than that somewhere and it is not published as of yet.

It is funny to see books, training videos, and hands on seminars goring through new techniques that are actually borrowed from other Martial Arts coupled with some weird imaginative application.

One way to go through advanced training is to simply win any possible sports fighting tournament, but then what about weapon defense?

Or what about making it easier using the human weapon the way it was designed to be used or any other way more thoughtful than how it was designed to be used, but a way that will work all the times?

So basically the book and training videos put you on the right track, which is basic, but gives you better solution than you can find anywhere else.

Most Civilian Krav Maga schools never go beyond techniques and fitness. Sparring if you get a chance to do it for safety reasons is about exchanging blows and kicks without ever given a meaningful advice how not to repeat your errors.

A simple answer that your training partner opponent was just better, is unacceptable. This is the liberties sports have in our era.

You look for a good trainer with good success track, and you hope for the best. Some are smarter, some have more experience etc, but historically they do not exhaust all the aspect of training.

Most sports started form some sort of a tactical fight for life or death or were at some point related to fighting need to survive or hunt.

While many books have been written about coaching of many sports, most of them dealt with leadership, training aspects like fitness, success track, perhaps analyzing a game or two, but the rest of the experience is kept by coaches or lost.

If we take many fighting sports, the picture is about the same. There is no one well documented source for proven success track.

Well the idea of Pure Krav Maga was to first set up the track of fundamentals in a way that no common sense man will be able to dispute. And this is what the book Krav Maga – Use of the Human Body; Philosophy and Application of Hand to Hand Fighting Training Methods did and further demonstrated hands on application of the training system in a live class session that includes any possible problem solving during the process.

Soldiers go through their routine training historically training how to overcome physical obstacles to reach their destination, and fire accurately, and fire first, or in the old day to use their sword for killing and dueling.

But while the victory in war is being credited to the generals and commanders that asses the danger, determine how to resolve it to the last detail at any moment until the war is over using intelligence, artillery, air force, navy, and infantry, self defense training is limited to face to face confrontation saving your own life.

So you will need more than learning methods or attack and defense or drilling them in motion, under stress and in different environment.

You do not want to leave anything in someone else’s hand. In a war a soldier is a tool to a collective defense of a country. In self Defense you are the general that will be on the front line.

Since this type of self defense war takes you by surprise in a split second confrontation, you need to do all you’re training before when you are in peace.

You need to take into account the worse case, when someone is trained well in using physical force with bare hands, or using weapons. You need to be able to respond to any tactical maneuver that your attacker might try.

In Pure Krav Maga the idea is to hone the basics, and then to train in applying them. So students in the roles of defender and attacker take the time to train in a good method with a trainer which corrects their errors on the spot.

One of the common errors in training is that the student in the attacker role does not do his best to challenge the defender.

The complexity of training methods, and the need to keep the training safe from injuries makes it difficult for the inexperienced trainers to go into depth and dissect the process and put the pieces back together, instilling a trained students products.

It is not abut showing a better way to do an armbar, looking for a weak muscle, a pressure point, not even teaching how to prioritize when it comes to all options are on the table.

It is taking the time and learning how to run the student in a complex learning process that will be tested to prove that the student is self defense proof. So it is much more than Hollywood production and much more than a training style.

Perhaps if you think about the Hollywood produces success track is following the current trend of reality in film to play on viewer’s emotions, but not to teach them in one movie how to run their lives.

It looks like most gym owners are worried about paying the bills more than teaching self defense so they cater to the average mind. So the average Krav Maga Gym has someone that spend few weeks sweating in a class doing mostly fitness and learning few release from choke techniques and pressure drills.

Or it could be a business owner that spend some time sweating in an office trying to find a way to falsify his way to a credible diploma in this field. Some did trained extensively in other martial arts, and some did not.

But they do need to understand what is a realistic approach and a proven method to bring someone quickly to master self defense and over come their business approach of only how to maximize profit and retain students.

It seems that a correlation has always existed between Hollywood and existing martial arts schools and these schools were influenced by Hollywood as well.

So in a way, you want to program your students’ brains and bodies of how to train in Pure Krav Maga. Instilling maximum safety methods, but maintaining the most realistic way to train facilitating testing methods and adhering to high standards give instructors endless opportunities.

The idea in Pure Krav Maga is not to do what the others do. Not to spread a stupid self defense idea over five years of fitness training and then continue with ranking leaving one champion, one expert in the field that now can really defend himself without ever winning a realistic fight.

The idea is about giving more realistic self defense training than anyone else ever did in the first few lessons, and then using proven realistic challenging training methods to hone these skills.

Like boxing, fencing wrestling, Jujitsu match, it is very physically challenging and can become a great fitness activity especially with the extracted specific warm up to the muscle groups and the yoga extracted stretches prior to the class that helps prevent injuries in training.

Anytime of this kind of engaging realistic training is a constant challenge to the body mind and soul.


Joshua Hurt said...

Great article! I have a question though. I own both the dvd series and the book and while the self defense aspect of it is unmatched when compared to other systems, I was wondering how the IDF uses this in an offensive way? I mean in the context of a battle field/black ops how does the IDF turn it from a self defense to a combative offense?

Boaz said...

It all depends on the need and type of unit. Unfortunately these type of things are budget driven. Budget of time and money spent. This type of determination goes through the ranks from trial and error of past wars. While in latest years, there was not enough attempt to keep professional Krav Maga Instructors as well as administrative capable as long term dedicated career officer, probably the correct presentation for need was never given. If you look at the Israeli Independence war you see more commitment of Soldiers as officers to contribute to all levels of success even perhaps with much less training. But there were many underground fighters that served in other military organizations like the Russian British and American, that contributed with their vision and application to train and supply the underground fighters with the best they could with the time and budget constraint. Unfortunately while you have an overall direction in determination of needs for training and application, when it comes to H2H, yet some special units have their own discretion on how to spend their time training. Fitness is of the essence and the fighters are usually dare devils. Efforts are concentrated in arriving to the location in the speed of light using the element of surprise and resolving the battle by shooting first principle. So like in MMA you go through a selection process that whoever has more of a mathematical sub conscience with persistence willing to always go the extra step and be ahead of the game stays. It is more of a tactical approach than a methodical training. Perhaps one day, the wisdom of more precise individual training that is given to some very special units will flow to the army. It that happens all the cases that we hear about fail attempts will be almost non existent.