Generic Lesson Plan in Pure Krav Maga / by Boaz Aviram

To be a good Pure Krav Maga Instructor you will need to use a lesson plan. Lesson plan is a tool that forces you to prepare for class and visualize how you will control the class goals ahead of time.
Start with general and specific warm up according for the hourly or daily session.

Introduce the new material to be learned, its use and its connection to prior material learned.

Demonstrate the material to be learned. (Never talk during the initial demonstration as it slows you down.)

Explain and break down the material.

Line up students to go through the sequential execution of the motions of both respective attack method and respective defense method.

Explain how to maintain safety before practicing in pairs. Preferably two lines and unison practice upon command, while instructor is standing in a controlling position viewing all the students at all times when they are allowed to attack and defense.

For advanced students or after they get some experience, and are able and motivated to control their safety and progress they can do it by themselves with minimum supervision.

Devise a fighting game which includes gradual attempt of student in attacker roles to challenge student in defender role suggesting various methods of attack including attempting feinting, and change in rhythm in advance toward the defender correlated to timing of attack trying to baffle and make the defender’s judgment harder having to analyze and prioritize more variables of timing distance angel capacity and reaction time of both attacker and defender. 

As an instructor your obligation is to correct all errors, and ensure that all the options were explored. The more complex the practice is the more preferable is to first have the group watching only two students at a time spar and being corrected on their errors.

If it is an hourly class and the students expect to get some extensive fitness, you can give them series of challenging fitness drills. You should also explain and suggest also other methods of self training, or offer them as extra activity.

To improve your Aerobic activity, it is recommended you train over a period of minimum 35 minutes, and in one hour class you just do not have so much time for it. 

In addition, while you can use training buddies weight for weight training and body building, consider that not all your students might be into that and a gym is safer for that purpose. 

It is good to stretch at the end of the class, but you might not have the time, so the least you could do is suggest, cold packs for injuries, stretching at home and hot shower after the class.

So although you are doing little yoga stretching, little jumping jacks, perhaps short sprints, push ups/press ups, squats, jumping squats, sit ups and crunches, and some other exercise, you are teaching more Krav Maga than the rest of it. If you do not then you are teaching Krav Exercise.

Summarize the material learned, forecast the material for the following class.
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