Honing your Survival Instincts in Pure Krav Maga - So May One Train In Peace of Mind / by Boaz Aviram

In Pure Krav Maga we do spar. In a short intensive seminar not that much since all the time is spent on honing the basics which without them any advanced training will make you worse off then you were before.

But we do learn knife defenses and sparring. The sparing is meant not to "Knife Fight" but to practice fluidly over and over application of principles, techniques and sound judgment. Teaching how to stab with a knife involves with much less than teaching how to put force into a punch.

Of course you would need to learn how to put force into your hand strikes to stop the attacker from repeated attempts to stab you. 

But in knife sparing you develop much faster reaction time than boxing drills. Nothing is exactly the same and you better train for the purpose you will use your training.

Of course an experienced boxer is good in the ring and also good outside the ring since he had to hone his skills over long time, try to successfully Knock Out at least few times in order to be considered a good boxer so he has the confidence and the willingness to win or lose.

Usually people that learn Pure Krav Maga are not willing to lose. They know they might, but they also know it might cost them their lives or severe mental or physical injury. 

So Perhaps boxers could use sparring with rubber knives or perhaps not, but Pure Krav Maga Students could use knife defenses before they spar in modified boxing techniques. 

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