How Viable is the Book and Training Videos/by Boaz Aviram

Is it possible to learn proper technique, distance, etc. solely from text material without actually engaging with others for practice, or is the book a supplement to training in a physical environment?

Well, I would ask you this: is it possible to transfer the exact engineering plan to build an airplane without documentation? It takes more than one person for that process.

If you only have two people then you need to be in two hats, the Opponent or defender and the Instructor. You can program your mind to be the instructor and how to move, punch, kick block try takedowns and try releases, and how it all comes together with motion.

After you actually try it with a training partner and try it while he is being actively alternating his options to reach your pressure points and trying to foil your likewise attempts, it gives you the experience and skills. The instructions in the book contain stretched arguments to focus your approach about many topics of fighting.

The Technique instruction gives you specific order of sequential execution and what it supposed to look like and feels like with film strips pictures.

Like everything else in life it is all relative. If you read the book review, I had someone from one of the Civilian Krav Maga Associations that claimed to learn more Krav Maga after reading the first 60 pages of my book then his two years of training.

The Pure Krav Maga Self Defense Mastery DVD set is basically filming of a live training process of a novice female to a sufficient level of mastery.

Twenty-one hours of curriculum edited to a third (seven and a half hours). Of course your mind can learn a lot from it, but you need to get someone to practice with, In the worse case scenario you can have you and your training partner correct each other.

In the Training DVD set, any mistake possible is made and corrected on the spot. But overall it requires a little or a lot more work from you. To find a training partner, a comfortable setting to train and watch the videos and another person to correct you on the spot etc.

But the dvds and the book have it all and if you just go through this process you will learn much quicker and much more realistically then going to any other non Authentic IDF Krav Maga although I must warn you that many times the name could be deceiving. If you read the book you will get a complete view and understanding and know what to look for and what to look out for.

But in most cases for the money it beats going into a non Krav Maga class. Now from the IDF Fighting Fitness Academy during Imrich Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar's days, to your local dojo, you could go into a long travel in time.

Of course it is better to have an experienced instructor tending to you in person, finding a place to train and constantly being aware that you will make the progress you need to make in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, in most cases the optimal is not to be found! You can always use the book and training dvd set to check on your instructor and check your progress and know what to expect, and what you are missing...

But for the price of one month membership in the low range average dojo, you can buy the ownership for your own training, and if you put the intensive training time to it, you will learn a lot.

The other advantage in a dvd training set is that it was edited and reviewed to ensure all the essential elements are presented and would not be forgotten during the lessons or lost over years of training. So consider it to be your starting point before you consider investing your time, if valuable, elsewhere!

If you are looking for the easy way, book an intensive seminar with a certified Pure Krav Maga instructor, or even the 5 days boot camp or instructor course that is offered few times annually.

You can always schedule private instruction for yourself or a small organized group. But you in that case you might end up paying the same price for each hour of training.   Krav Maga was designed to teach you fast. At a large group price of fitness class you are not going to get Pure Krav Maga. Fitness is something that is needed to be a lifestyle. Pure Krav Maga was designed not to be used as a lifestyle but instead to keep you alive so you can keep your lifestyle.

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