Pure Krav Maga - Essence of Reputation / By Boaz Aviram

The Old Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga school used to conduct full contact sparring during and at the end of each Instructor course and special units training. 

While Krav Maga used tactical maneuvers and principles in the very short range of fighting it is mainly based on striking or applying pressure and tearing of soft pressure points. 

This provides an immediate advantage for not having to spend time on finding the weak spot of an arm for an armbar for example. 

In sparring the trainee attempt to end the fight as quickly as possible using the tactical principles of fighting based on total speed of finishing the fight by not getting oneself distracted, injured, but rather doing it to his opponent first. 

So sparring involves kicks to the groin, legs, face, body, and punching to the face body, and groin. Elbow strikes and knees are allowed as well. 

While students are trained to be aware of all the dangers including in simulated grappling scenarios which involve rolling and falling and gaining control in motion. 

Students use common sense and judgment and try to apply sufficient pressure or force in the strikes, but in many cases these sparing result in a knock out, or a clear advantage when someone is being bombarded with continuous attack and is just dropping his hands down unable to respond. 

Years of experience with novices alike as experienced boxers, wrestlers, and martial artists at large demonstrate that whoever grasp control of the Pure Krav Maga theory and application better, performs better in sparring. 

This is the only logical explanation of why a novice Pure Krav Maga Trainee that never had any fighting experience wins in Sparring games or shows a great advantage putting his opponent in great danger and some injuries. 

Therefore the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery Training DVD Set is great for any MMA trainer as it is great for any Krav Maga trainer as it is great for any MMA student and Krav Maga student, or anyone that wants to learn Reality Based Self Defense. It is loaded with the first to last detail and how to apply and train in it to any man or woman to a Mastery Level.
Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery DVD Set!

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