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Some of the great ideas applied in training include bringing the student to near exhaustion state and demanding his performance in the worse physical conditions. This appears to be on the favorite list of Hollywood action film directors.

While the Martial Arts actors usually have years of Martial Arts experience Film directors do not bother to give you an exact logical explanation to who is the winner in a life and death scenario.

Usually it is your emotions that will play and you will be conditioned to identify with the leading actor that will try and resolve his problems.

The old school belief was that Fitness Conditioning is the key to success. However, not being acquainted in the art of war, often the key element of final decree of a Hand to Hand Combat fight is misunderstood.

Martial Arts Schools trying to demonstrate their training System often resort to Hollywood “Staging,” and Hollywood borrows their methods back. If you asked who learned from who, I would be more reclined to think that Hollywood learned from Martial Arts Instructors.

Hand to Hand Fighting involves Punches, kicks, elbows, stick, knife rifle used as a club etc. Krav Maga is a Hand to Hand Fighting Training System. Ironically it teaches you to avoid being subject to a prolonged fight by teaching you to end it at its inception. Getting rid of your opponent would mean you will not have anyone to fight with.

So how do you show in a movie or in a demonstration what is Krav Maga? I think you need to show how and why the training gives you the upper hand. Besides that Krav Maga is translated from Hebrew to Contact Combat, it is a unique name that originally was chosen to designate Imrich Lichtenfeld Israeli Defense Forces Official Hand to Hand Fighting Training System.

Nowadays the name is commercially stolen, borrowed by Imrich’s own permission to Civilian Krav Maga Associations that have lineage to Imrich’s or Imrich’s students’ Civilian Students.

But what made the Original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga so unique? And what gave it a reputation of the ultimate Self Defense tool?

Well, we all know of years of various martial art schools’ existence, and many of us spent our youth learning at least one.

After years of Martial Arts training, many of us that tried to apply it in real life found that the majority of our training still did not give us enough comfort to feel safe in various scenarios.

Some of us learned in several Martial Arts and we realized that most schools do not have a comprehensive sound approach for self defense.  We realize that in a modern world of professional courses, self Defense should be offered to everyone as part of learning the basic skills of life.

It just happened that we had a Genius in the Israeli Defense Forces that was able to distill and extract the ingredients to the formula of Hand to Hand Fighting out of his Ancient Martial Arts Knowledge and modern Fighting sports and Gymnastics.

Those were taught in Intense training fashion known to be the key factor for success of one of the constantly winning Military that is put to prevail in daily challenges.

What gave it its reputation, is the flock of Martial Artists that spent their lifetime trying to find the Holy Grail of self defense through years of training and constant research of new schools.

Those that got a chance to taste the Israeli Defense Forces Original Krav Maga immediately realized that this is it. Few hours of training gave them much more than years of sweat.

So how do you demonstrate all that to a bunch of prospective students, potential students who are anyone that thinks it would be nice having good skills to protect yourself when needed?

In fact Krav Maga is so complex and the untrained person could not possibly see through what is going on. So staging without any logical backup but rather emotional tone still prevails.

It is a chance of breaking the rules of response to a light strike marking a victory and continuing for some and agreeing to accept the mark of a strike and act as dead?

Learning is demonstrated here as a demonstration of a technique by the instructor and follow up by student first in slow speed and then in increased speed, and then defense vs. combinations of attacks in some cases or preemptive combination attack or defense follow with combination attacks.

Few ideas are visually demonstrated here of tactical nature. Tactical solution is finding the best way to avoid or minimize danger as you attack or defend. High speed and rate of continuous attack make good impression.

While boxing has perhaps three strikes and variations and combination Krav Maga has about 150 techniques so simple it is not.

But what really is the essence of Krav Maga which is not demonstrated in most Staging and movies is the concept of reaction time which is the logical test proven reason why Krav Maga differs.

Then it is the concept of efficiency that is a must in any engineered system. Both concepts drive the advantage of the Training System of Krav Maga. Years of Martial Arts Training modified by few tactical ideas will not equal Krav Maga.

For the concept of efficiency, each move, and technique is being evaluated and taught from the beginning to the end with 5-15 emphasis points which makes you much faster in reach and to control your opponent’s pressure points before he controls you.

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