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Why Pure Krav Maga is so Pure…/by Boaz Aviram, Founder

We live in the USA a country where more people have more liberties then the rest of the world or at least we would like to believe so.

But yet our lives are managed somewhat by our government, public opinion, and collective benefit according to what is right and what is wrong.

Constant fights between major governmental regulated agencies like the Federal Drug Administration, food suppliers and Medical services suppliers show that the system is still being manipulated at our personal expense of health and life.

Constant conflict of Personal rights and law enforcement change in laws and regulations that affect our personal liberties as well in many cases will be counter productive to the purpose.

In a world of increased communication systems and advanced technology knowledge sold to anyone that can pay, we see a constant shift from reading the newspaper to being connected to our sources directly from our hand held devices. It becomes an overwhelming bombardment of the average mind, trying to make his dream come true and build a business from scratch using all this mass technology for cheap.

These ex martial artists ex military GI Joe, might had spent their monies on a camera and marketing campaign, but they neglected to pay $10 to $35 to get my book and spend the time reading it. Perhaps they regardless were trying to use ancient business techniques to make a buck.  Perhaps they took a traditional Martial art or two, noticed civilian Krav Maga and were not impressed or learned a martial art from a friend in the Military.

If you are used to one form or another of Martial Art and have spent years of training in it, you can't possibly fathom anything better. After all what is new under the sun? Better vision perhaps and better understanding of what to do with it?

Pure Krav Maga is pure because:
First, it is inherited in a lineage from the sources with a third generation of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga Chief Instructor as a Founder sticking to the original training methods intensively without mimicking the commercial old Martial Arts Lifestyle.

Second it is supported by logic published in a book which logically sets the boundaries and makes the argument what is Krav Maga, what is not Krav Maga, how to learn it and become proficient in it, and how not.

In a mass of human livestock we always had leadership that steered masses of people in various directions for the wrong cause or wrong logic, it is also been the way of Martial Arts and Self Defense Training.  Some leaders pray on people’s strengths and some on people’s weaknesses. 

Everyone has a personal interest to live in a better world or to live a better life.  Those that have values of respect for others and compassion for the short span of human life should try to put the minimum effort in conducting their lives accordingly.

Pure Krav Maga deals training to save lives in a possible worst case threats by another human inflicting danger upon ourselves or other innocent human being. Its benefits are that it can be taught intensively and professionally.  A two day Pure Krav Maga seminar of six hours a day proved to be the best prescription for anyone wants to get a solid defensive capacities, while conducting a busy life style.

Five days learning most of the system, and thirty days getting enough sparring experience that will flow throughout your ears! Longer training is recommended for the addicts.

So really for all these people skilled in quickly texting and using a hand held video camera, all the movie buffs and the street smarts of how local politics is oppressing local minds good luck to you, and sorry for your students if they ever have to confront a better skilled opponent.

But for those that can read a book and passed first level math and have basic logic skills, if you read the book Krav Maga – Use Your Body as a Weapon, you will get so see the Code of Self Defense not seen by the naked eye.

It is a process that requires reading and processing the information. Just read and your brain already has the operating system and will know what to do.

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