Element of Surprise!

Pure Krav Maga Techniques teach Principles! In the following two pictures demonstrating the technique of Escape from Rear Windpipe Crush Attempt with Forward Push, the idea is to create leverage with motion and facilitate an escape. This motion will take the opponent out of balance.

Once you are out, you return and attack with the immediate shifting of your weight back to facilitate a powerful knife hand strike to the kidney or side elbow strike to the rib or face. Why escape, turn and get in a comfortable position giving your opponent time to recuperate and find better ways to strike you?

You never know who your opponent is. He made a mistake by attempting to grab your body, instead of surprise kick or a blunt object strike to the back of the head giving you time to sense the intention and plan your escape and counter attack. He might not do it again!

The Pure Krav Maga Self Defense Mastery Training DVD Set is packed with all the details of the correct sequential execution of each original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga. 

A novice student is taught and corrected live to a to a level of proficiency. It might be a little too overwhelming, a little boring, and a little annoying, but it is a must to watch at least 10 times to any serious Krav Maga or Self Defense Instructor.

Consider that videos are easier learning method for memorization since you watch a movie and your mind remembers more details of it.

Krav Maga is not simple at all. It is very complex. However the training methods simplify the learning process for fast and easy learning to the last detail. Perhaps when referring to the simplicity of Krav Maga the idea is to make life simple and resolve scenarios as quickly as possible.

A real life confrontation may take a few split seconds in the worse possible scenario and the idea is to make it simple and resolve it as quickly as possible.

But a lots of things happen in those few split seconds. You have at least two bodies in motion and each muscle and thought put into the movement reaction and choice of action will determine the outcome.

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