Fighting Fit vs. Pure Krav Maga/ Boaz Aviram

What is the connection of Fighting Fitness and Pure Krav Maga?

Pure Krav Maga Training is basically coaching someone to go through an obstacle course of almost any possible fighting scenarios found.

You might not be climbing rope because the idea in Pure Krav Maga is not how to get into a difficult terrain and fight, but rather how to fight while you are already there. The obstacle course of fighting is basically enduring any attempt of another human being to harm you.

So the only fitness you get aside the basic and comprehensive warm up so you do not injure while training, is the detailed coaching of how to run each part of the obstacle course in more ease and in less time. This will make every split second motion you do more efficient and the whole action much faster.

The reason why it can be done so intensively and does not require years of conditioning, is because the essential principles of fighting are extracted and grouped together and being programmed to your mind and body completely so you retain a whole complete picture.

You will learn pressure points manipulation, reaction time and danger analysis on your first hour of training. Then you will learn how to use your hands as weapons, then your legs, and elbows. The reaction time is the window of opportunity for both defense and attack.

Then you will learn defenses and short range and ground manipulations. You will learn to roll, break fall and escape from various attempts to being thrown, choked or have your limbs broken or torn and you will learn how to do it while in motion.

You will basically be training to use leverage to ease up your discomfort as you are being grabbed, thrown choked or caught in an arm lock and how to find your opponent’s vital pressure point all in the same split second of action and manipulate it so you are left alone.

It is very possible that your opponent will be left alone to die, not intentionally of course but just because it was the only way to get him off your back or front in a split second before it would have been too late for you to save your life.

If in reality you only have a split second to move and you use it to save your life and liberties as a packaged deal, at times things happen so quickly and you just do not have the time to worry about your attacker’s safety, because if you do you and your family might be too late and dead.

Handy objects, blade, club, and the concept and techniques of pistol threat or assault rifle threat will be taught. Then you need to take the pieces and put them back together. You need to test them. The easiest way to do it right is to have a training partner trained at least as well and you are, and program him to become your fighting fitness obstacle course. Or you can leave it to your trusted instructor.

Speaking about a trusted instructor, remember if you were attacked it would be unlikely he would be there to help you.

You need to first trust yourself and for that you may need more information that will corroborate the justification that you have done the best you could to find the right source and endure the right training and your have done sufficient training. For that part of corroboration, I recommend you at least read my book first. You can also see how it is done by the live teaching of a novice student to a level of proficiency with the seven disc DVD set.

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