Sense in Training Safety / Boaz Aviram

Just a reminder to all those who deal with teaching or learning Self Defense. When you get to the stage beyond the good advice and teach how to apply the techniques and principles in motion and try to make it realistic, but yet consider your student's safety, you need to know exactly what are the safety mechanism and procedures that your training system has. 

Learning Self Defense does not need to subject your students to unnecessary danger or risk of great injury. The Israel Defense Force(IDF) used to conduct full contact fights with full gloved punching strikes to the face until the beginning of the 1980. Then it was forbidden due to lack of well trained instructors and increase in serious injuries. Yet there is a great need to bring the Realistic Training as close as possible to reality.

A Plastic Armored training Human Dummy is only good to take punches but limited in his vision and attacks. The training needed to be simulated to the highest aspects.

Resorting to control with arm bars and restraining techniques and takedowns would not work quick and well in realistic environment when the opponent is resisting and looking for your vital soft pressure points.

Going for an armbar while your opponent is going for your groin might get him disqualified in a UFC fight but get you out of commission in a threat. 

Taking someone out of balance and throwing him is a great thing, but what if he rolled away and pulled a knife and is coming back at you?  Besides taking someone out of balance require more effort than punching kicking or poling in a soft pressure point which could be lunged much faster and produce a split second result.

So teaching self defense is a very responsible and complex matter and not a simple procedure of only getting people to sit for audition to perform an impressive series of motions on a willing training partner.

The danger involved is not an excuse to forgo certain training aspects needed to close the loop and complete the whole picture of unarmed combat. The danger that the training is unrealistic could cost your student his life when the need to test it in a threat arises.

Getting a badge, a stripe or a belt alone in Krav Maga will not do the trick. Going through number of hours, weeks or years of training would not do it either. You need to monitor the training to be sufficient on each part of the whole picture.

Being a part of a Self Defense Organization and enjoying card games and fitness activity might keep you safe during the time you spend in the gym, but do not forget that the training’s purpose is to keep you safe on the way in and out of the gym.

More muscle and endurance would not help you when your vital soft pressure points are crushed, or cut. You do need to do some fitness activity to keep healthy and avoid health issues and injury when attempting sharp moves, but if you are learning self defense you need to spend more time on learning how to instinctively direct great force to your opponent’s pressure point, and react, deflect and counter attack to any possible threat and attempt!

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