Counterfeit Krav Maga vs. Real / Boaz Aviram

Let’s face it. People learned all kinds of Martial Arts over the years. While Armies and Criminal Bands used and trained in fighting methods of armed and unarmed combat, the Disbanded Samurai, Other Sword Masters form various military organizations, Bow and Arrow Masters and their direct disciples taught Martial Arts. Some Martial Arts were taught by the Disbanded Samurai, and self developed fighting systems based on local stick fighting and perhaps in many times exchange of cultural visits all over the world. When people are ruled by a military, there was always a place to practice fighting.

Many Martial Arts turned into fighting sports or exhibition sports extracting the lethal elements from them. Lethal elements are those essential training links that make the system executable successfully in battle. The same thing happened in Civilian Krav Maga!

Each distinct system of Martial Art try to have a unique name which could be an artistic description of the system in short could be a poetic favorite by the founder or indicating the name of the founder or a regional location.

Certificates, Diplomas, Belts are all printed by organizations run by Chief Instructors or Government Organizations. The belt system was copied by many martial arts from the sport of Judo that was the first to encourage students to reach higher levels of training.

Usually in professional military organizations, some sort of a military description and perhaps a professional general level of completion of training in general fields is awarded. Usually a Hand to Hand Combat Instructor is an assigned position of the best choice of person to do the job.

Many military organizations or police organization look for someone with related background or experience. However unfortunately, those in charge have no clue how to differentiate in the benefits of each Martial Art ever existed, nor the credentials of the Chief Instructor or the Organization that gave them.

In the new age world every person that has a facebook account, can self learn from visiting his global friends and see what they do, and clone the whole system, especially the pattern of attracting people to become students and making a few dollars.

Evidently this has been happening in the past few years. Reputable instructors always demanded their student to go through rigorous training prior to issuance of any kind of attestation of Instruction.

But what is funny is that most Martial Arts schools today show interest in the name Krav Maga. Logically, if masses were taught almost any kind of Martial Arts and Fighting Sports marketed as self defense system, and many of them were based on the logic of the most illogical people, we can conclude that we can sell any stroke if we find the right folk. Perhaps it translates to whether or not we can find the average folk?
This statement sounds pretty much Scary!!!

Legitimate experienced instructors had to consider their competition and the market. They had to balance the amount of fees they can charge with the quantity of students, and the amount of unique knowledge they think they have to give.

Many realized that there is no need to teach sword fighting since it was not allowed to be carried anymore, and many resorted to stress relieving physical activity that involves safe wrestling, throwing to the ground, and the daring ones fist fighting and kicking. However, when the training methods were diluted for generations, there were not many organizations that had a complete idea how to kick, how to punch, and how to drill attack and defense tactics.

Those organizations that had competitions, just managed to do their best. Every so call master, coach and in charge instructor used his best understanding and his own experience of training. Most of these instructors did not see the need to write analytic logical basis to preserve and test their system, but some attempted to preserve the techniques in writing or illustrations or pictures.

Of course lack of professional language or ability to write combined with technical understanding of a complete system was the downfall for these attempts. How do you know that what you are learning is the Original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga?

You will know for sure only after you read the book: Krav Maga - Use Your Body as a Weapon
In addition, you can take a step further and compare your past training to the Pure Krav Maga - Self Defense Mastery training dvd set and at the same time correct, add or rewrite your memory and physical skills if you make the effort to train yourself or get the right training controlling your progress with your own logic.

Remember "So may one walk in peace" is not a statement to be taken lightly!

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