Self Made Krav Maga Instructor?

If you are going to publish something like your thoughts about an ideal self defense training system, you need to be realistic and see how it is compared to other martial arts out there. 

Today with the communications, we often have a way to discover martial arts we might have never heard of before.

Just because someone was going through daily street fights or daily fist fights in a bar or worked in security handling unruly dudes or served in the Israel Defense Force does not make him an expert in Hand to Hand Combat.

You might gain some good advice and be able to give some good advice, but the problem with most martial arts was that they started with some good common general idea that was later applied and added to a bunch of many other ideas.

These ideas were put together without seeing a common connection with all the ideas together and without having a chain of connections that justify the training system all the way through each technique and principle and how to apply them and what the result you get when you test it.

If you try to patch up techniques that you saw somewhere and looked cool or just different and call it your system you might appear to be lame. Many Martial Artists collected years of training and experience in more than one art, and then called it a unique name.

Usually it was some sort of special jujitsu system, or special Kung Fu system, or special Karate system with a prefix of full contact, mixed, deadly, friendly, etc.

Nowadays Hebrew appears to be a trend. With Madonna learning Kabalah, and the average Martial Artist is using the new age name Krav Maga, it becomes a fashion. You really do not want to get caught in a fight wearing sexy underwear.

It might look cool, but it will have no effect on your ability to prevail. Try Pure Krav Maga before you even think about “developing” a working system. The Israel Defense Force had the testing ground to simplify complex training methods and find solutions to any combat scenarios.

It had its general soldiers the volunteering crowd of special units that were put to constant test of how quickly someone can learn the art of fighting whether armed or unarmed.

It is not about taking a picture with a celebrity or serving in the same army, but rather about a proven track of teaching intensively the skills of unarmed combat to many groups of people. Many of these people already have experienced extensive training in almost any martial art and fighting sports you have heard of or have not heard of.

It involves constant clash of showing them how to do it right, withstanding the constant political arguments and physical tests just to prove a point.

In Pure Krav Maga, techniques were designed according to principles throughout the matrix. Then they were tested throughout the fast motion simulations. But first the most efficient attacks were designed to ensure that time is not wasted on unchallenged threats.

In Pure Krav Maga all the possibilities and methods of attack are being taken into account, including all the options of continuing after the first contact. Then a programmed response is being devised to counter these attacks which take into consideration any follow up tactical maneuver.

The training system was then distilled into an inclusive and uniformed training routine, method and syllabus that included much more than just a list of topics or techniques. It included the essence of fighting and self defense.

Direct from the design table to instill fighting and self defense skills for immediate use unlike a watered down fashion that was designed to undergo a constant change.
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